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Kitchen Tips for Weekly Meal Preparation After Bariatric Surgery

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Our US-registered bariatric nutritionist explains what can be done to save time in the kitchen while bariatric meal prepping. Her kitchen tips are practical and worth taking a note.

“Hey everybody! I am just doing some food prep for the week and I wanted to take a quick video of what I was doing here to show you and hopefully give you some tips for home.

Bariatric Meal Prep Tips


Chop and Slice

So, this is three peppers that I just chopped out quick and I sliced them. What I typically do is I chop the top part of the pepper off, where the stem is and the bottom part and then the center part is what I use for slicing because it is nice and uniform slices then that I can have for the spears. The tops and the bottoms which are always oddly shaped, I just chop those and then I use these later for stir fry or casseroles or omelets, they are great if you want to add in salad fast.”

Weight Loss Surgery Meal Prepping

The Power of Tupperware

I will put this in a tupperware and then I will put the slices in a bigger tupperware to use. Then I will just pull them up whether I want a quick snack when I come back home from work or something for the kids when they get back from school. Again, these can be used for a quick salad.

So, this is just to show you some stuff you can do. It takes a few minutes but once you are chopping one pepper, it is a lot easier to chop two, three or four peppers than just one every single time you need it. So, hope this helps. Let me know if you use any other tips or tricks in the kitchen. I am curious what you do to save time during the week. Thanks!”

Bell Peppers After Bariatric Surgery

Post bariatric surgery, one needs to plan in advance and prepare for the entire week at times. These useful kitchen tips by our expert will not only let you manage time but also help you take a little more rest all through the week.


Updated on January 3, 2019

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