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Making a Healthy Halloween – Bariatric Tips

Tips for Smart Halloween Eating

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Here are some basic tips when taking your kids out trick or treating:

* Eat a healthy meal with some lean protein before you leave the house. This helps prevent excess snacking on candy that can happen if you leave the house hungry.

* Avoid excess candy in the trick or treat bag. Kids don’t need a lot of candy either, so keep just enough for them to have 1-2 pieces per day for a week or so. Just long enough for the excitement to wear off a bit and then toss the rest.

* When your kids want a piece of candy, pair it with a healthy snack like carrot sticks or apple slices.

* Try to use the night to get some extra exercise. Make a goal of taking the long way around the block to get some extra steps in.

* Take this holiday as an opportunity to talk to your kids about eating candy and other high sugar treats in moderation.

Here are some tips if you plan on passing out candy on Halloween and want to avoid the temptation for extra sweets:

* Wait until the day before or the day of Halloween to buy your candy. Not only will you likely

get a good deal, but you will also limit your own exposure to that candy. The longer it is sitting

around the house before trick or treaters show up, the higher the chance of excess snacking.

* When you do purchase your candy, put it in a location where it is out of sight. A cabinet in the

garage, your basement, etc. This way you don’t even have to see it until the night of


* Avoid buying your favorite candy. This is pretty obvious. You don’t want to have your biggest

temptation at the house.

* Avoid decorating with candy. All too often people set out bowls of candy corn or holiday

themed M&M’s for guests to snack on. Instead, decorate with fall scented candles, pumpkins,

and leaves that have already fallen.

* Have some light air popped popcorn to snack on while passing out candy.

Updated on November 19, 2018

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