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Beating Weight Loss Stalls After Bariatric Surgery like a Winner

Beating Weight Loss Stalls Post Bariatric Surgery

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Is it normal to experience weight loss stalls after bariatric surgery?

I’ve been stalled at the same weight after gastric sleeve at seven weeks after leaving the hospital. What should I do?

Add in some exercise/resistance activities after bariatric surgery to keep your body working. Going off of diet alone won’t be enough long-term to keep losing and maintain the loss- Katelyn JM (US-RD Nutritionist)

There can be many causes of weight loss stalls following weight loss surgery. It is essential to recognize the reason and fight against it accordingly.

Fighting Weight Stalls Post Weight Loss Surgery

  • Avoid the temptation to go back to clear liquids as that causes a person’s metabolism to lower.
  • Avoid Snacking. Usually looking at intake and making sure extra snacks aren’t adding up is a good start.
  • Also, introducing more vegetables and fruits, depending on how far out someone is and their tolerance for such foods.
  • Changing up the exercise routine and adding some resistance activity can make a big difference.
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Updated on November 19, 2018

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