Lap Band Port Revision in Tijuana – Review

Jack Nix from Las Vegas, Nevada talks about his lap band port repair in Tijuana, Mexico. Click here for more Mexico Bariatric Services ratings and reviews.

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Video Narration

Why did you choose us?

My name is Jack Nix. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am here to have the lap band port procedure done. I looked around and this was the place that I found had the best price and best service for my needs.

Why did you choose Tijuana, Mexico for your revision bariatric surgery?

Well it was pretty much price-wise and also because of convenience since I live in Las Vegas. It is only a short drive her anyway. But cost-wise – it was quarter of the cost in America and my insurance was not going to pay for it.”

How was the process?

Very fast. The whole thing from the start to the finish was about two weeks from contacting to scheduling the appointment. Very efficient. They kept me up-to-date with emails and phone calls and everything. Never got nervous waiting for anything. So yes you did a very good job!”

What can you say about your experience in TJ?

Fantastic! I have actually been very pleasantly surprised. Everybody here is very professional. And it is a nice facility. I am very happy. One thing I would like to add here is the staff. You see a lot of attention from the staff at the hospital here. Again, it is very nice and clean and everything is efficient. The rooms here basically have hotel type of bathroom here. Everything that I compared with America in a lot of ways is better, simpler, nothing too redundant.

Would you recommend us?

Yes, certainly. Definitely I would recommend it to somebody.

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