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Rudy Reviews Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico

Watch this video in which Rudy, who came all the way from Canada, reviews sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico.


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Video Transcription

“Hi, my name is Rudy Hirschfeld. I come from Winnipeg, Canada. I came here for gastric sleeve operation so that I can maybe drop more pounds and get back into better shape.

There was a two year waiting list back at home and being diagnosed with type2 recently in last six months. I did not want to wait that long, I wanted to start things at my turning of age 60. I set some goals and I read good things about this year and it is all true.

I did not really look at too many other countries, I got recommended by a cousin of mine that had it done and I saw the results and now I am a believer in going through everything. I am a total believer and everything was good.

Dr. Green is a heck of a nice guy. He even gave me his personal phone number, I mean, he was right there all the time and he did his job and then the nursing staff took over after that.

Excellent! The people and the hospital, everything was good. They look after you, they follow up with you. Everything was great. I cannot say anything more.”

Just like Rudy, another client Wilfredo also underwent sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, to treat his Type 2 diabetes.

Watch full video testimonial of Wilfredo reviewing his sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico. Click here for more Mexico weight loss surgery reviews.

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