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Are Gummy Vitamins Okay After Weight Loss Surgery?

One of our clients asks: Are gummy vitamins after bariatric surgery okay? I started on chewable vitamins yesterday. They didn’t land well and I immediately threw up. Answer: Gummy vitamins are great for these first few weeks after weight loss surgery when you are adjusting to the new size of your stomach. Try cutting them …

Mindful Eating - Portion Control After Bariatric Surgery

Portion Control After Gastric Sleeve and Other Bariatric Surgeries

I have had a few people ask me lately about portion size that they should stay within at meals after bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and others) as far as you know, so much protein, so much carbs and so much calorie levels they should stay under and so, I wanted to take a …

Third Stage - Pureed Bariatric Surgery Diet Ideas
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Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet Ideas (Stage 3 – Pureed Diet) for Those Having Difficulty Tolerating Protein

Are you recently post-op and having a difficult time tolerating protein after gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or any other weight loss surgery? Here are some ideas for the third stage or the pureed diet stage for those who’ve had bariatric surgery to help get some variety. Post-Weight Loss Surgery Diet Recipes – Stage 3 or …

Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet
Diet and Lifestyle Pre-op

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet Guidelines

You will have to follow a liquid diet for a few days prior to bariatric surgery (3 to 10 days depending on your BMI, with higher BMI requiring higher number of days on a liquid diet). This will help you shed some weight as well as reduce the size of your liver, which will make …

Avoid Weight Regain after Bariatric Surgery
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How to Avoid Weight Regain after Reaching Your Goal

Asked by a visitor: I have lost a 100 pounds and hit my goal weight. I really want to maintain this current weight, what do I do? Our bariatric dietitian answers: Congratulations on hitting your goal weight! Now, the real work comes in. . . . maintaining that weight loss. This is where lifestyle changes really …

VItamins and Minerals after Bariatric Surgery
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How Long and Which Vitamins and Minerals Will I Have to Take After Bariartric Surgery?

You will have to take lifelong vitamin and mineral supplementation. A stricter supplementation regimen will have to be followed in case you opt for Duodenal Switch or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. Our Bariatric Nutritionist says: Think of vitamins/minerals as life-long medications. Each year, get your labs checked to make sure everything is in the right range. …

Bariatric Surgery Success Tips
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Maximizing Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Question: I’m not happy with what my expected goal weight would be. How do I maximize the weight loss after bariatric surgery? Our US-RD says: Remember that the expected weight loss after surgery is just an average. Obviously eating a variety of healthy foods and being active are the key to maximizing effects of surgery. However, …

Diet and Lifestyle Pre-op

Coping with Hunger between Meals in Pre-op Bariatric Diet

Question: What to do if you are really hungry between meals on the pre-op bariatric surgery diet? Our US-Registered Dietitian Answers: This 3-step guide will help you through feeling hungry between meals when on a pre-bariatric surgery guide. Step 1 Most of the time when we feel hungry, we’re actually thirsty. Try drinking water, a sugar-free …

Diet and Lifestyle Post-op

Apps for Food Journaling

Question: What apps do you recommend instead of a food journal for tracking bariatric surgery diet? Answer:  Some of the free apps for food journaling as recommended by our US-registered bariatric nutritionist are: Baritastic-Bariatric Surgery Tracker Bariatric Pal- a bariatric social network Calorific The Eatery My Diet Coach (technically free, but recommended to pay $0.99 …