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Dumping Syndrome After Gastric Bypass
Gastric Bypass Risks and Complications

Dumping Syndrome After Gastric Bypass Surgery

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Health Encyclopedia, dumping syndrome occurs in nearly 3 out of 20 people who have had part of their stomach removed. It further states that the treatment of dumping syndrome primarily involves making changes to the gastric bypass diet.   What is Dumping Syndrome? Dumping syndrome after Roux-en-Y …

Gastric Bypass Risk and Complications
Gastric Bypass Risks and Complications

Gastric Bypass Risks and Complications

According to a study 1 by WebMD, about 10% of gastric bypass patients face postoperative complications that are usually slight. Hernia According to Cleveland Clinic, abdominal hernias (when an organ gets dislocated from its original position and protrudes out of the body) are the most common occurrences among gastric bypass patients. Prevention/Remedy Quit smoking Maintain …

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Expected Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery

The amount of weight you lose will depend on the kind of bariatric surgery chosen as well as on the conscious lifestyle alterations made by you by increasing your physical activity levels and eating well. Not committing to lifestyle changes will make you regain the weight lost. However, it is important to have reasonable weight …

Gastric Bypass Diet Guidelines
Diet and Lifestyle Gastric Bypass

Diet Guidelines after Gastric Bypass Surgery

After having a gastric bypass surgery, your small intestine has been re-arranged to help you absorb fewer calories and your new, smaller stomach pouch helps you to eat less at meals. Here is a quick guide to the foods you can and should eat, as well as, the foods you should limit or avoid. Phase …