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Post-Op Gastric Sleeve Diet Guidelines
Diet and Lifestyle Gastric Sleeve Post-op

Post-Op Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet

A well-balanced, nutritional diet is vital in the months following the surgery. Subsequent to surgery strict liquid diet is mandatory to increase the efficacy of the procedure and reduce certain medical conditions post-op, which can get in the way of recuperation. Sleeve Gastrectomy alters the stomach size to hold nearly 1-4 ounces of liquid. Vertical …

Gastric Bypass Gastric Sleeve Post-op

Expected Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery

The amount of weight you lose will depend on the kind of bariatric surgery chosen as well as on the conscious lifestyle alterations made by you by increasing your physical activity levels and eating well. Not committing to lifestyle changes will make you regain the weight lost. However, it is important to have reasonable weight …

Gastric Sleeve Risks and Complications
Gastric Sleeve Risks and Complications

Gastric Sleeve Risks and Complications

As with any other surgical procedure, gastric sleeve has certain risks and complications. However, the overall complication rates are quite low. According to a study Sarkhosh K. et al published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery the level of risks associated with this type of surgery is only 5 to 10%. The risks and complications …