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Worried about Stretching Pouch after Weight Loss Surgery?

Stretched Gastric Sleeve Pouch
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Normal Pouch Loosening

It is important to remember that after a gastric sleeve, the pouch will loosen gradually over the next few months. Initially after surgery, the suture line (where the stomach was divided) is very tight. The gradual loosening that occurs is a good thing that will allow you to tolerate more food and a variety of foods.

Prevent Pouch Problems

To prevent excessive pouch stretching here are some basic recommendations after surgery.

  1. Avoid eating past the point of fullness. This is best accomplished by eating slow at meals and taking no more than 2 bites per minute.
  2. Eat small bites. Think dime sized or smaller.
  3. Avoid drinking with meals. It is okay to have 1-2 sips (teaspoon size or less) if something is really dry, but avoiding drinking large amounts of liquids at meals.
  4. Avoid grazing between meals. Have 3 meals daily and 1-3 snacks depending on your hunger/fullness cues.

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US-registered Bariatric Dietitian

US-registered Bariatric Dietitian
Katelyn Mock is a US-registered Bariatric Dietitian certified by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. With more than 8 years of experience in formulating and reviewing diet programs across various hospital settings, Katelyn has also served as the Lead Bariatric Dietitian for the Ohio State University Medical Center.

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