Before and After Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Results Pictures - Mexico

Amy – VSG Before and After

Amy (Nevada) has lost over 100 lbs since her bariatric surgery in 2015. Her gastric sleeve before and after photos are a testament to a fulfilling life after surgery in Mexico.
Vertical Gastric Sleeve Before and After - Mexico

Michelle’s WLS Results Pics

She traveled all the way from Illinois to Mexico for vertical sleeve. Her photos show her jaw-dropping transformation after losing over 84 pounds post weight loss surgery.
One Year After Weight Loss Surgery - Mexico - Before and After

Tammy’s Mexico Bariatric Story

Tammy’s before and after pics show a massive 168 lb weight loss journey. The Louisiana resident says life after gastric sleeve is great and she can’t thank her surgeon enough!
Before and After Gastric Bypass Surgery Pictures - Mexico

Melonie – RNY Before & After

Melonie’s gastric bypass before and after pictures showcase her 52 lb-weight loss journey since August 2017. The Nevada resident’s health is great — no more diabetes and high cholesterol.
Bariatric Surgery Results Pictures Before and After - Mexico

Roberta’s Bariatric Results

This Arizona resident had a successful gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana. Besides losing 64 lbs since her VSG in 2017, she no more takes her blood pressure medicines.
Pictures of People who had Gastric Sleeve Before and After - Mexico

Sharon’s Sleeve Success

This Florida resident’s before and after bariatric pictures are a homage to her determination that helped her lose 51 lbs since her surgery. Her gastric sleeve experience “was awesome.”