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Affordable Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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Mexico Bariatric Services (MBS) is well known for self-pay weight loss surgery.

We offer discounted prices for bariatric surgery in Mexico. This include, $4,395 for Gastric Sleeve, $5,495 for Gastric Bypass, and $3,350 for Intragastric Balloon. Revision surgery could run to about $ 6,595. These prices are in US Dollars.

MBS works with accredited hospitals and recognized surgeons. Our destinations include Tijuana, Cancun, Mexicali, and more. All these have state-of-the-art facilities and are very clean.

A big concern for anyone travelling to a foriegn country and that too for a surgical procedure, is safety. We are better than the other providers in Mexico! Find more in FAQ section.


Bariatric surgery is simply not enough to succeed. We facilitate expert pre & post-op support for long-term weight loss success. MBS also assist with financing plans for WLS program in Mexico. Check if you are eligible for the financing programs today. We also help in customizing your medical tourism in Mexico.

Thousands of success stories are a fitting testament to our high standards. According to a patient survey, 95.55% of our past clients would recommend us.

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Our team includes handpicked Gastric Surgeons from Mexico.

Dr. Guillermo López is one of the most experienced bariatric surgeon in Tijuana. He has also been a mentor for many bariatric surgeons. He is a member of the executive council of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Luis Cazares has been practicing in Tijuana. He has done a Fellowship in Gastric Sleeve Surgery. As a specialist in the area of bariatric surgery, he has been working for approximately 11 years.

Dr. Hector Perez is a leading US-trained board-certified Bariatric Surgeon in Cancun. He has been practicing weight loss surgeries since 2006 and has significant experience with international patients. A member of the IFSO, he has performed over 5,000 surgeries.


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Gastric Sleeve

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1. How safe is bariatric surgery in Mexico?
According to the Travel.State.Gov (U.S. Department of State), Mexico currently holds a level 2 in safety. This means that you should practice increased caution over here.

Some Mexican states have a Level 3 warning, which means that you should re-consider your travel. On the other hand, some states have a Level 4 warning which recommends that you should not travel to such locations.

But our centers are located in major cities in Mexico like Tijuana, Cancun, Mexicali, etc, which are not on this list.
No-one can guarantee personal safety. Our previous patients have also never experienced any dangerous incidence in Mexico.

For more information, talk to our case managers.

2. What documents are required to enter Mexico? Is passport compulsory?
The vital document required while entering Mexico border is a Passport, especially when you are traveling by air. Also, it should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Mexican authorities.

According to US Passport guide, there is no prerequisite for passport validity although your passport should not expire during your Mexico stay.

Additionally, for Americans travelling via road, an enhanced driver's license and a valid photo identity proof (birth certificate) is sufficient. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the visa if your stay is less than 180 days in Mexico but you will definitely need a tourist card or Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM). The FMM is free of cost.

For people coming from countries other than USA, a valid passport is a must for entering Mexico.

3. How long will I stay in Mexico for the treatment?
Your stay depends on the procedure that you are undergoing. On average, the hospital stay lasts for 2-5 days, while the overall hotel stay will be two days long. For a gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, your stay itinerary looks like this:

Day 1: Arrive in Mexico. Free pick-up (8 am- 8pm) and hotel check-in

Day 2: Surgery, hospital stay

Day 3: Hospital Stay

Day 4: Hotel Stay

Day 5: Departure (after 9 am)

4. Does the staff in Mexico Bariatric Services speak English?
Our bariatric surgery staff is well-versed in English and Spanish. If the doctors do not speak English, we have provisions for bilingual translators as well.

5. Will I receive follow-up care after the weight loss surgery?
Yes, we try to facilitate full weight loss support. In case of medical issues, we can help with communication with the hospital and the bariatric doctor.

We encourage our clients to join our exclusive Facebook bariatric support group managed by our US-registered dietitian. Our on-site dietitian provides post-surgery plan as well.

You can also search our Knowledge base, which will guide you through your weight loss journey. More can be known from our past patients themselves. We would love to introduce you to them.

6. Is the companion stay included in the Mexico bariatric surgery package?
We provide “all-inclusive” weight loss surgery packages in Mexico. This includes free companion stay in the hotel. In most cases, we have hospital rooms which can accomodate one free companion as well.

The packages also include free pick up, ground transfers, Wi-Fi, and meals.

7. Can I arrive on the day of my surgery?
Our pre-op tests begin at 7 AM. If you can arrive before this time in the hospital, then you can have your surgery on the same day. Arriving early will also save your day and you can go back earlier.

8. Why are your prices lower than other service providers?
We are providing weight loss service in Mexico since 12+ years. With this experience, we are able to negotiate good price with hospitals, doctors and hotels.

9. What is the cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico?
The average wls package cost in mexico ranges between $3,300 to $10,950. This cost is nearly 70% lesser than the cost in the United States. In that way you end up saving money even after travelling to another land.

10. How quickly can I get bariatric surgery with you?
It all depends upon your medical condition and the bariatric surgeon's opinion. It also depends on the number of days of pre-op diet and the lifestyle changes that you may have to undergo.
Also, note that availability of surgeon appointment and the hospital is important while booking your surgery. In a nutshell, you could have the surgery scheduled in just 3 days, or it can take a month for scheduling.


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