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Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve in Cancun

A lap band, though an effective tool in weight loss, may sometimes lead to suboptimal results. In some cases making lap band adjustments and altering diet and exercise plans may result in optimal weight loss. However, sometimes these measures might not suffice. In such cases, a revision weight loss surgery from banding to gastric sleeve can be a worthwhile option.

And if high costs of bariatric surgery in your home country concern you, consider taking a medical trip abroad for having lap band revision surgery in Cancun, a pulsating Mexican resort city.

Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Revision in Cancun,Mexico

Who Makes a Candidate for Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve?

  • One of the main reasons for lap band revision surgery is insufficient weight loss.
  • Candidates who regain weight owing to stretched stomach pouch also qualify for surgery.
  • Lap band will also have to be removed if one suffers from band slippage, erosions and infection caused by the port or the band.
  • Please note that revision surgery may not be recommended if unsatisfactory weight loss is a result of the patient’s non-committed attitude to serious lifestyle changes.
  • The revision procedure is alternatively known as:
    • Lap band revision to vertical sleeve
    • Lap band revision to sleeve bariatric surgery
    • Gastric band revision to gastric sleeve

Time Involved

Surgery Time Hospital Stay Hotel Stay Resumption of Work
1-1.5 hours 2-3 nights 1 night pre-op & 2 nights post-op 1-2 weeks

How much would it cost?

If you choose to have your surgery in Cancun, you can save as high as 70% of the prices charged in North America.  This is a direct offshoot of the rising medical tourism industry in Mexico. Also, the living costs here are substantially lower than in the United States and Canada. This further helps cut down food, lodging and in-country transportation costs.

Our value-for-money lap band packages include a host services such as airport pick-up, visa and passport expedite and other travel-related assistance; discounted hotel stay; and 24*7 destination manager. Fill our online quote form for all the details.

Cancun Beachfront

Why Choose Cancun for Lap Band to Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Cancun is a throbbing traveler’s paradise located by the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a mélange of surreal beaches, plush resorts, and of late, a number of state-of-the-art hospitals which have become a magnet for medical tourists looking for both quality and affordable healthcare outside of their home country.

By choosing this Mexican resort city, you can look forward to prices which are just 30-40% of the American prices.

Because of proximity to the US and Canada, Americans and Canadians do not have to spend substantial sums of money on airfare. Additionally, they do not have to spend a lot of time traveling to get there.

Your revision gastric sleeve surgery will be done in one of Cancun’s well-known medical facilities. It has a successful record of more than 25 years and has all the modern amenities, including well-appointed patient rooms and master suites. It is just half an hour from the city’s international airport. We will provide you free pick-up from the airport.

We at Mexico Bariatric Services give immense importance to client satisfaction. And in this constant endeavor to bring the best of patient care to our clients, we work with only the most experienced of bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

The surgeon in Cancun we work with has been performing weight loss surgery since 2006. He has good global exposure as his educational and training endeavors have taken him to several North and South American and European countries. Click here to read more on his profile.

To begin your journey to a healthier you, get in touch with Mexico Bariatric Services through the online quote-form on the right.

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