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Financing Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico (2023)

Ready to wave goodbye to that extra weight but don’t have the cash? Financing weight loss surgery in Mexico becomes easy with MBS!

Make your dream body a reality without breaking the bank! 

How do I get Financing for Weight Loss Surgery?

If you are wondering how to finance weight loss surgery, the answer is simple!

We offer multiple medical financing options that can quickly provide a loan to finance the bariatric procedure of your choice.

Whether you are wondering how to finance gastric bypass surgery in Mexico or looking for payment plans for gastric sleeve in Mexico, we have a payment option for everyone!

Financing weight loss surgery in mexico

Payment Options for Financing Bariatric Surgery Abroad

Financing Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

They follow a simple application process. Some of their interest rates start at 9.9%. Qualified applicants can even get zero percent interest terms with 6 and 12 months.


When looking to finance your weight loss surgery, there are three key factors to consider in making your decision:

  • Loan terms
  • Minimum credit score
  • Fixed rates (APR)

According to FICO, most loan providers prefer borrowers with at least fair credit scores (580 to 699). If your credit score is low, consider applying with a co-signer.

e-finance UMC TLC MediCard Paypal
Tip: Choose only one company to apply for the loan. Your credit score lowers every time you request to review your credit report.

Mexico Bariatric Surgery Payment Options

Fed up with being overweight? Don’t let your health insurance stand in the way of achieving a healthier, happier you!

Our team can help tailor an affordable loan solution to fund weight loss surgery and get you on the road to feeling great.

We accept all major debit & credit cards and cash or check – pick whichever works for your budget best!

Check out the options below that cater to your specific weight loss needs!

Payment Plans for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

You can get instant financing for weight loss surgery in Mexico with us for an amount between $50-$10,000.

Monthly installments are as low as $347 a month for a loan of $10,000. 

We also offer an interest-free period of 6 months.

To get started, click here and select ‘Affirm’ in payment methods.


SuperMoney is an online platform that helps borrowers compare loans from different lenders. SuperMoney does not lend money directly. However, it can help you in financing weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Click here to compare loan options.

eMedical Financing Solutions (Preferred)

eMedical Financing Solutions offer flexible financing options for different credit levels. The company has partnered with several lenders to approve more loans.

  • Credit requirement: Customize different loan plans with A, B, C, or D levels of credit.
  • Maximum funds issued: Up to USD 100,000
  • Interest rates: Starts at 9.9%
  • Payment plans: 12 to 84 months terms. Qualified applicants can get 6 and 12 months 0% interest terms.

Apply online

United Medical Credit (UMC) – For the USA

UMC offers secure loans for medical procedures through a vast network of
healthcare lenders.

  • Credit requirement: Varies by the lender. For poor credit, apply with a co-signer.
  • Maximum funds issued: Up to USD 35,000
  • Fees: One-time processing fee of $18.95. This fee is refunded if your loan is funded.

Apply online

Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC) – For Australia

TLC provides flexible medical financing options with personalized and stress-free service.

  • Maximum funds issued: Up to USD50,000
  • Payment plans: 24 to 84 months terms
  • Annual Income: USD25,000

Apply online

MediCard / iFinance – For Canada

Medicard offers flexible loans for bariatric patients in Canada. The company has obtained a reputation for being the best financing option in Canada.

  • Highlights: High approval, No collateral, competitive interest rates, low monthly payments, no prepayment penalty
  • Interest rates: Vary by individual credit history.
  • Payment plans: 6 to 72 months terms. A variety of loan options with monthly payments available.

Apply online


With a PayPal account, one can apply for PayPal credit. It can be used as a financing option for Medical emergencies.

  • Highlights: Easy and quick application process
  • Credit Requirement: A minimum credit score of about 650 for approval
  • Interest rates: APR will vary, but it does start at 23.99%
  • Payment plans: 0% APR for 6 months term. Minimum monthly payments required.

Apply online

Who Needs Financing for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

Financing may be needful for those who:

  • Have been denied by their insurer for bariatric surgery.
  • Do not have insurance and need a low-cost way for weight loss surgery.
  • Have already planned to have cheap bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Financing Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

There are many options for financing weight loss surgery in Mexico. However, you cannot always expect to get the total loan amount you request. Lenders will decide the amount they are willing to give you by considering factors like your

  • Job-status and income
  • Personal assets
  • Credit score
  • Payment history

You can expect to finance bariatric procedures like:

How Can I Get Weight Loss Surgery With Bad Credit?

Bariatric Loan in spite of Bad Credit

Apply with a Co-Signer

  • Someone with good credit can co-sign on your application and agree to cover your loan payments if you default.
  • Advantage of guarantor loan: Easy approval of your loan. You can expect a better interest rate.

Look for a “Bad Credit Lender”

  • These lenders can lend you money even with low credits. Example: e-Finance, UMC
  • Drawback: You may have to pay a higher interest rate.

Repair your Credit Score

  • Before applying for medical loans, get a credit card for bad credit. Use it responsibly, just making regular payments on time.
  • Advantage: The fastest way to repair your credit score.

It is essential to find out your credit score before making a loan application. It will help you to deal with the factors that could bring down your score.

Check your credit score now!

The cost of weight loss surgery is tax-deductible since the IRS classifies overweight as a disease.


Mexico Bariatric Services can help you to get the best weight loss surgery loan to improve your health.

To learn more about the best bariatric surgeons’ financing options and procedures in Tijuana, Cancun, and Mexicali, contact us today.

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