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Mexico Bariatric Services Payment and Refund Policy

The following is a statement of deposit, payments, refund, and cancellation policy of Mexico Bariatric Services (MBS).

The scope of this policy extends to all the monetary transactions done with MBS, through but not limited to PayPal, Wire Transfers, debit and credit cards, cash, and cashier’s checks.

Surgery Booking and Deposit

To confirm your surgical appointment, you will be required to deposit $500. The deposit will be adjusted with the total amount payable.

This deposit should be paid within 10 days to keep your appointment as per the surgery schedule or at least 15 days prior to the surgery date (subject to the availability of your preferred date).

Refund and Cancellation Before Surgery

The deposit of $500 is fully refundable on cancellation before the scheduled surgery.

Refund and Cancellation on Location

The deposit is partially refundable, should the client decide to cancel the surgery while on location. The cost of transportation, hotel, and any tests done will be deducted from the deposit.

Rescheduling Surgery

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the client can reschedule their surgery without incurring any penalty.

Balance Payment with Credit/Debit Cards

If you want to make the final payment using a credit or debit card, it should be done before your trip. A transaction fee of 4% will be applicable depending on the hospital you choose for bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Balance Payment with Cash or Cashier’s Check

The remaining amount is to be paid to the surgeon in the form of cash in US Dollars only or with a US cashier’s check payable to the bariatric surgeon. Your case manager will provide further information on the cashier’s checks.

We will not accept checks issued in Canada or other countries. Even checks issued by a branch of a US bank outside the United States will not be accepted.


No Client Communication

We will cancel the surgery in the event the client fails to communicate with Mexico Bariatric Services or does not respond to our attempts to contact them 5 days before the surgery date.

Non-communication from the client will result in the loss of surgery appointment, booking deposit, and any other payments made by them.

Payment Failure

In the event of a credit card or PayPal transaction failure, we will not go ahead with the bariatric surgery in Mexico till the time the patient makes the full payment.

Probable Additional Fees

Additional fees would be applicable in the following cases:

  • High BMI (from 50 to 59) – $750
  • Conversion/Revision Surgery – $750
  • Hernia Repair – $750
  • Endoscopy for lap band revision if the band is still on – $300
  • Extra medication or an additional hospital stay, if required (in rare cases)

Surgeries of patients with 50+ BMI are more expensive due to longer OT time and anesthesia, and additional medication surgical supplies.

Revision surgeries require longer OT time & more surgical supplies; they may also require an endoscopy, thus increasing the cost.

A hiatal hernia, if found during surgery, must be repaired (more common in patients with high BMI).


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