Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta: Best Price, High Quality

Learn about gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico—affordable and life-changing weight loss surgery. Scroll down to know about the procedure, all-inclusive costs, and why it can be a perfect choice for a healthier you.

Reviews of Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta

Read real stories from patients who underwent gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta.

Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta: Before & After

Check out some amazing results of gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta!

Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, BA
Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, Before & After
Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, BA
Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, Before & After

How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, gastric sleeve surgery costs $4,950. This includes a 2-night hospital stay, airport transfers, and medical expenses.

You save over 55% compared to the $11,000 cost in the US and Canada. Read on for more details.

Gastric Sleeve Cost in Puerto Vallarta vs US/Canada
ProcedurePuerto VallartaUS/Canada
Gastric Sleeve Surgery$4,950$11,000
*Prices are case dependent

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Best Bariatric Hospital in Puerto Vallarta

  • CMQ is a renowned group of hospitals in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Offers State-of-the-art medical facility in Puerto Vallarta
  • Board-certified surgeons and bilingual staff.
  • A short distance from Puerto Vallarta International Airport
  • Accreditated from JCI (Joint Commission International) and CNQS(National Quality Health Council Mexico)
Hospital CMQ Premiere Puerto Vallarta

Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Meet Dr. Sergio, the best bariatric surgeon in Puerto Vallarta.

Dr. Sergio del Hoyo
  • Certified in Metabolic Disorders and Obesity Surgery
  • 15+ years experience in gastrointestinal surgery
  • Performed thousands of successful surgical procedures
  • Billingual in Spanish and English
  • Member of the Mexican Association of General Surgery

Click here to watch the doctor’s video.

Overview of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve is a restrictive obesity surgical procedure that aims to combat obesity by reducing the capacity of the stomach to hold food.

In this procedure, the stomach is reduced to nearly a fourth of its original size.

Gastric sleeve in Mexico
Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The surgery is performed laparoscopically, which means it is minimally invasive. Special laparoscopic surgery tools and a tiny camera are placed through the small incisions made in the abdomen.[1]

With nearly 75% of it removed, the new stomach looks like a tube, banana, or sleeve.

Because of the reduced stomach capacity, you feel full after eating much smaller quantities of food.

Please take note that gastric sleeve surgery warrants commitment to serious lifestyle changes. It is not a shortcut to weight loss.

You will have to reduce the portion sizes of food you have and also incorporate exercise in your routine.

However, if you experience acid reflux, check out the video below for helpful information.

Are You a Candidate for Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta?

Its Alternative Names

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Vertical Sleeve
  • Gastric Reduction
  • Vertical Gastroplasty
  • Parietal Gastrectomy
  • Greater Curvature Gastrectomy

Why Puerto Vallarta for Sleeve Gastrectomy?

  • Opting for VSG in Puerto Vallarta, you have to pay a fraction of the costs in the US and Canada. This is primarily because of the competitive medical tourism industry in Mexico.
  • In Puerto Vallarta, access top-notch healthcare at hospitals comparable to those in the US, ensuring quality care and hygiene standards.
  • At Mexico Bariatric Services, we prioritize smooth communication. Our 24/7 case managers promptly address your queries, and our bariatric surgeons are fluent in English.
  • The proximity of Puerto Vallarta to the US is an added bonus. The city is well connected with the major American and Canadian cities.
  • The city offers a bonus vacation to its visitors, which can be enjoyed during your gastric sleeve surgery trip.
Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Surgery Takeaway

Avg. Surgery TimeReturn to Normal Work
1 – 1 ½ hoursAfter 15 to 21 days

Typical Patient Journey

Explore the carefully designed care plan to make your journey smooth.

Day 1

  1. Pickup from airport
  2. Hotel Stay

Day 2

  1. Shuttle to hospital
  2. Pre-op consultations & surgery

Day 3

  1. Post-op tests
  2. Post-op diet consultation

Day 4

  1. Pick up from the hospital
  2. Return home/ stay at hotel.
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
1. Pickup from airport
2. Hotel Stay
1. Shuttle to hospital
2. Pre-op consultations & surgery
1. Post-op tests
2. Post-op diet consultation
1. Pick up from the hospital
2. Return home/ stay at hotel.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta

International Airport

The city is served by the Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (IATA code: PVR).

Non-stop Flights to Puerto Vallarta

There are multiple direct flights from the US/Canada for your gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta. Check out some of them:

Flight Details From US to Puerto Vallarta
PhoenixAmerican Airlines, Southwest Airlines2 hr 33 min
Dallas-Fort WorthAmerican Airlines, Sun Country Airlines2 hr 42 min
Los AngelesDelta, Jet Blue, United Airlines, Alaska, American Airlines3 hr 13 min
ChicagoAmerican Airlines, United Airlines4 hr 48 min
Flight Details from Canada to Puerto Vallarta
CalgaryWesJet, Flair Airlines4 hr 45 min
VancouverAir Canada, Flair Airlines5 hr
EdmontonWestJet5 hr 13 min
TorontoFlair Airlines5 hr 25 min

Passport Requirements

  • Americans and Canadians need a valid passport to enter Mexico.
  • The passports should be in good condition – holders of mutilated, torn passports may be denied entry into Mexico.

Visa Requirements

For stays under 180 days, Americans and Canadians visiting Puerto Vallarta don’t require a visa. Also, effective August 1, 2022, PVR airport no longer demands the Multiple Immigration Format (FMM). [2][3]


Start your journey with gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Experience quality care and affordable costs. Your path to a healthier you begins here.

Start your transformative journey now!


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