Meet Our Team

Meet our team at Mexico Bariatric Services (MBS). The success of MBS is closely tied to the devotion and hard work of our team of bariatric surgeons, pre and post-op support, destination managers, and medical tourism consultants.

At MBS, we are at every step with you. Let’s meet our team below!

The Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

Top Weight Loss Surgeons in Mexico

Our team of English-speaking, board-certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico is highly experienced. We have skilled anesthesiologists and nurses working alongside our bariatric surgeons.

Our surgeons have dedicated their medical practices to delivering high-quality care to regional and foreign patients. Take a look at them!

  • 37+ years experience
  • Performed 5,000+ surgeries
  • International Member of the ASMBS
  • Medical Assistant Director at the Tijuana General Hospital (from March 2011)
  • Trained by the IFSO
  • 14+ years experience
  • 3,000+ surgeries performed
  • IFSO certified
  • Diploma in Metabolic Bariatric Surgery
  • Skilled in minimally invasive bariatric procedures
Dr. JP Fernandez
Dr. JP Fernandez
  • 17+ years experience
  • Graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, 2007
  • Assisted and performed 6,000+ bariatric surgeries
  • Member of CMCG, IFSO, AMCE, FACS, and CMCOEM
  • 16+ years of experience
  • Graduated with honours from Mexican National University in 2006
  • 0% complication rate
  • 5,000+ surgeries performed
  • Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery
  • Member of the IFSO, CMCOEM, and AMCE
Dr. Galileo Villarreal
Dr. Galileo Villarreal
Nuevo Laredo
  • 13+ years experience
  • Certified by the Mexican Board of General Surgery
  • Performed 4,000+ bariatric surgeries
  • Performed 100+ gastric sleeves, 200+ RYGBs, 700+ lap bands, 50+ revisions
  • Expertise in obesity & diabetes surgery / advanced laparoscopy
  • 0% mortality rate, less than 1% complication rate
  • Memberships: ASMBSAMCECMCOEM
Dr. Cristóbal Garza
Dr. Cristóbal Garza
Piedras Negras
  • 10+ years of expertise with 3,500+ successful surgeries
  • Graduate in General Medicine from Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Part of CMCOEM, the largest group of bariatric surgeons in the country
  • He uses state-of-the-art facilities like laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery systems
Dr. Oscar Trevino
Dr. Oscar Trevino
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Graduated from the UDEM, Mexico
  • 8,000 laparoscopic surgeries performed
  • 4,000 bariatric surgeries were performed
  • Specialist in general surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, and advanced bariatric surgery
  • Member of AMCG, AMCE, IFSO & ASMBS
  • Certified and recertified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery A.C.
Dr. Sergio del Hoyo
Dr. Sergio del Hoyo
Puerto Vallarta
  • 15+ years experience in gastrointestinal surgery
  • Certified in Metabolic Disorders and Obesity Surgery
  • Performed thousands of successful surgical procedures
  • Billingual in Spanish and English
  • Member of the Mexican Association of General Surgery
Dr. Gilberto Gonzalez
Dr. Gilberto Gonzalez
  • Studied from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Guadalajara
  • 2,856+ surgeries performed
  • Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery
  • Member of the CMCOEM and IFSO
  • Fellowship in Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases by the Center of Excellence for the Study and Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes, Valladolid, Spain

Pre-op and Post-op Support Team

We believe surgery alone isn’t the answer to weight issues. Strong pre and post-surgical support is equally important for long-term success.

For this purpose, our online bariatric groups guide you with nutrition, lifestyle advice, and motivation for the weight loss journey.

You can connect with hundreds of past clients in our support groups.

Take a look at our pre and post-op support team below!

  • The groups are overseen by Katelyn Mock, a US-registered dietitian.
  • She has served as the lead bariatric nutritionist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.
Karla Meza
Karla Meza
  • Karla Meza is our on-site nutritionist in Tijuana.
  • She is a certified bariatric nutritionist from Instituto Superior de Educacion Continua Tijuana, BC.

Destination Support Team

Karen is our bilingual destination manager who takes care of each and every aspect of your weight loss surgery trip.

She’ll assist with everything from shopping to local coordination, ensuring you return home with a big smile and wonderful memories.

And in all this, she is supported by our caring drivers.

Karen our team member for destination support at Mexico Bariatric Services
Karen – Destination Manager
Angel Driver at Mexico Bariatric Services
Angel – Driver

Our Team of Communication and Case Management

Our medical tourism consultants are dedicated to providing you with support 7 days a week.

Reaching out to them is easy – you can chat, email, or call them. Or ask them to call you back at a time convenient for you.