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Gastric Sleeve in Cancun

A gastric sleeve surgery trip to Cancun, a Mexican resort city, could be a complete value-for-money alternative to having the surgery in your home country. Many people who have failed to lose weight despite eating right and slogging it out in the gym turn to gastric sleeve surgery to banish the menace of obesity.

Apart from the sleeve, people also go for gastric bypass surgery in Cancun.

Gastric Sleeve in Cancun - Mexico
However, some of them could see their debt burden sky-rocket, should they choose to have the surgery in their home country. Thanks to the rise of medical tourism in Mexico, they need not spend exorbitant sums on gastric sleeve surgery. This post attempts to educate the readers on what traveling to Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery entails.


We offer all-inclusive packages for a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Cancun, Mexico at $4,995. The package includes 2-night hospital and 1-night hotel stay.

The amount you will have to pay for surgery in Cancun is just about a third of the average prices charged in the USA. The substantial price difference can be attributed to lower cost of living and a thriving and competitive medical tourism industry in Mexico.

Mexico Bariatric Services packages also include travel assistance, passport and visa assistance, ground transportation, pre- and post-ops, and surgeon’s fee. Contact us through our online-estimate form for a detailed price quote.

Is traveling to Cancun for gastric sleeve worth it?

  • Though people from the United States and Canada will be essentially traveling to a foreign destination for surgery, however, the geographical proximity of Mexico to the two countries translates to lower airfare as well as less travel time.
  • Additionally, the resort city is quite Americanized because of a sizable American Diaspora and is thronged by a large of number Spring Break revelers. So despite traveling abroad, your whole experience is not that “foreign”.
  • Mexico Bariatric Services always underscores patient satisfaction and hence works with one of the prime hospitals of the city. So despite paying only a fraction of the US prices, you can look forward to highly satisfactory services.
  • Your surgery will be scheduled quickly with any weighting periods involved.
  • With its beautiful tropical beaches and pulsating nightclubs galore, Cancun is a travel magnet. Consider spending a couple of days savoring the resort city’s touristy offerings (of course before your surgery), if you want to give your medical trip a tinge of a vacation too.

Mexico Bariatric Services works with a well-known English-speaking bariatric surgeon in Cancun. Since majority of his clients come from the United States and Canada, he is sensitive to the needs and expectations of medical tourists from other parts of North America.

Time Involved

Duration of the surgery Hospital Stay Resumption of work
60-90 minutes About 2 nights 2-3 weeks

Gastric Sleeve Explained

  • The bariatric procedure involves removing a large part of the stomach (almost 75% of it).
  • The reduced stomach is just the size of a banana and even resembles it.
  • Because of the smaller stomach size, you feel full after eating only small quantities of food. This aids in weight loss.
  • Gastric sleeve is alternatively known as sleeve gastrectomy, vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), gastric reduction, and greater curvature gastrectomy.
  • Since your surgeon will insert a laparoscope (a tiny camera) through a tiny incision, he will be able to the see the inside of your stomach. Hence, there won’t be any need to make large incisions. In fact, 2 to 5 tiny incisions suffice for surgery.
  • After excising a major part of your stomach, the surgeon will join the remaining parts with staples.

Chichen Itza near Cancun - Mexico
To enter Mexico, you will need a valid passport. A visa-less stay of 180 days is permitted for American and Canadian citizens.

The resort city is served by an international airport (IATA code: CUN) which is well connected with the major American and Canadian cities. We will provide you gratis pick-up from the airport.

Mexico Bariatric Services strives to provide all-inclusive information on quality and low cost bariatric surgery across the major Mexican cities. We also make sure that our clients have a fulfilling patient experience with the doctors and surgeons we are associated with. Fill in our online-quote form to know more on Cancun as a destination for your gastric sleeve surgery.

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