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Gastric Bypass in Puerto Vallarta

Special Limited Time Offer – Pay only $7,000 for Gastric Bypass Surgery. Save $1,000. Hurry!

Tried numerous diet plans and exercise regimen but to no avail? Do you consider yourself a weight loss failure? If yes, then you may want to consider surgical options such as gastric bypass to combat obesity.

And if the price of surgery in your home country is a deterrent, consider traveling to the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta for gastric bypass.

Gastric Bypass in Puerto Vallarta

Our Package Price

Regular Gastric Bypass Package Cost – $7,500; Our Limited Time Special – Pay Only $7,000

Our package cost includes 2-night hospital  and 1-night hotel stay.

Please note that the above-mentioned prices are subject to change without any prior notification. We recommend that you fill our online quote-form for the latest prices and specials.

Is Traveling to Puerto Vallarta for WLS Bypass Worth It?

  •  Big Savings –

The following table will give you a brief idea of the savings you enjoy should you choose to have your roux-en-y gastric bypass in Puerto Vallarta vis-à-vis having your surgery in the United States:

Avg. Cash Pay Price in USA Our Special Limited Period Price for Puerto Vallarta Savings
$22,000 $7,000 68%
  • No Wait Times Involved –
    • You do not have to face any waiting periods to schedule your RNY bypass in Vallarta.
    • The hospital we work has quick patient turnover rates; you get prompt attention.
  • Top Bariatric Surgeons at Your Service – Your surgery will be performed by one of the most experienced weight loss surgeons of Mexico. His profile in brief:
    • Training and work experience from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and USA
    • Majority of his clients are from outside Mexico
    • Advanced Bariatric Surgery Course from the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders
  • State-of-the-art Hospitals – Your bypass surgery will be facilitated at one of the top hospitals of the city, which has a successful track record of over 31 years.
  • English-speaking Professionals – Mexico Bariatric Services is committed to easing the process of communication with its clients from all the nook and crannies of the world. We work with English-speaking doctors and will assign you a case manager completely fluent in English and sensitive to your needs.
  • A Chance to Vacation – Located by the picturesque Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a pulsating resort city teeming with beautiful beaches, swanky hotels and shopping malls. The downtown area of the city also happens to be its art and culture center. Your trip can be extended into leisurely sightseeing as well.

Time Frame

Surgery Time Hospital Stay Resumption of Work
2-4 hours 3-5 days 21 to 42 days

Diseases Resolved with Gastric Bypass

A Brief Guide to Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Gastric bypass is a common type of bariatric surgery which involves altering the stomach and the digestive system to restrict the amount of food you eat, thereby leading to weight loss.
  • The surgery also limits the number of calories absorbed.
  • Gastric bypass involves creating a small pouch out of the stomach. This is usually done by stomach stapling.
  • The surgery also involves constructing new channels that bypass the duodenum and the initial part of the jejunum.
  • This results in malabsorption of nutrients.
  • The most common type of gastric bypass surgery is Roux-en-Y bypass (RGB).
  • The procedure involves reducing gastric space with the use of staples, and also attaching a section of the small intestine resembling a “Y” to the pouch to bypass the duodenum and a section of the jejunum.
  • Most of the bariatric surgeons perform the surgery laparoscpically, thereby making the procedure minimally invasive.
  • As per Medline Plus, you will lose 10-20 pounds in the first month after surgery. The credible medical resource also states that you can look forward to losing almost half, or even more, or your excessive weight in the first couple of years after your gastric bypass surgery.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.

How else does it help?

Weight loss also leads to improvement of the following co-morbidities of obesity:

  • Asthma
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Sleep apnea
  • GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease

Your Mexican WLS Trip Made Easy

We will make sure you have a very comfortable and hassle-free trip to Puerto Vallarta for RNY gastric bypass surgery. Our value-for-money packages include a host of services such as:

  • Assistance in air-ticket booking
  • Visa and passport expedite
  • Hotel stay for discounted tariffs
  • 24*7 assistance from dedicated destination managers
  • Complimentary airport pick-up

And a lot more!

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