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Gastric Sleeve Stomach Pouch – Can the Seam Really Burst?


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Question – Does anybody else get nervous that they will bust the seam of their stomach pouch?

(I drank a little more soup juice than I probably should have last night and I am paying for it this morning. Makes me nervous!)

Answer – You won’t bust the seam of your stomach pouch, but it sure can feel like it is close. Not that eating until you were more than full was purposeful, but that’s the power of eating slowly, pausing between bites and strictly following the post-op gastric sleeve diet.

  • Your pouch is adaptable and capable of holding more food gradually which can make you eat more than what is required.
  • Moreover, sometimes during bariatric surgery, the sphincter muscles are altered; leaving the stomach open and thus enhancing its ability to accommodate more food.

Gastrointestinal Leak

Usually, eating beyond the point of fullness does not lead to a gastric leak. The University of Rochester Medical Center1, however, calls for looking for the following symptoms especially after gastric bypass for early detection of anastomotic leaking, irrespective of the cause.

  • Increased heart rate
  • Low levels of blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the abdomen as well as the left shoulder area
  • Fever

An important factor that can cause a gastric leak is the size of the gastric sleeve bougie. Studies show that patients with a smaller bougie size were more prone to gastric leaks as opposed to patients who used a bigger bougie size.2


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Updated on November 19, 2018

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