Lap Band in Tijuana – Mexico

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Going to Tijuana, a border town in Mexico, for lap band surgery could help you get rid of the menace of obesity and half a dozen of the other problems that accompany it. However, before you decide to travel to the other side of the border, you must understand what gastric banding entails.

Lap Band in Tijuana - Mexico
Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.

Explaining Lap Band Surgery

  • Gastric banding is a kind of restrictive bariatric or weight-loss surgical procedure that involves placing a silicone donut-like band on the upper part of the stomach, creating a smaller gastric pouch that serves as the new stomach.
  • Since the banded stomach now has a much lesser capacity to hold food, the patient feels satiated even after small meals, thus leading to weight-loss.
  • The surgery is done laparoscopically. Using the laparoscope allows the surgery to be done through tiny holes in the abdomen instead of making large incisions.
  • Because the cuts are smaller there is lesser pain, minimal loss of blood, and quicker healing.
  • The lap band is filled with saline and by injecting or removing the liquid, the band’s grip over the stomach can be tightened and loosened as per the patient’s comfort and requirement.
  • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) surgery is perhaps the least invasive bariatric surgery. In case of any complications or discomfort with the band, one can have it removed.
  • Considering ease of performance, obvious results, and the reversible nature of the surgery, it is not surprising that gastric banding is the second most commonly performed bariatric surgery.
  • Gastric banding usually results in loss of around 30-50 percent of excessive weight an individual is carrying; the results, however, may vary from person to person.
  • The gastric banding surgeon we work with in Tijuana has performed over 1,300 weight loss operations. He holds a certification in lap band surgery issued by Allergan LAP-BAND system.

Eligibility for Gastric Banding

  • Before you start considering a gastric band to contain that expanding stomach, make sure you ascertain your eligibility for weight-loss surgery.
  • Remember that bariatric surgery is not to be taken as an easy alternative to an exercise regimen and disciplined eating. It is actually a serious medical procedures meant only for those who have tried everything that leads to weight loss but to no avail.
  • Weight-loss failure is an important criterion for people considering lap banding, or for that matter any other weight loss surgery.
  • To qualify for gastric banding, the candidate must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of above 40. People with serious co-morbidities such as diabetes and hypertension are also allowed to go under the knife if their BMI is between 30 and 40.
  • The candidate must also be free of any major systemic problems that could result in complications during or after the surgery.

How many days will it take?

At our facility, you can expect the following:

Duration of surgery Hospital stay Hotel stay Back to work
About 1 hour Not required About 2 nights After about 1 week

How much will it cost?

Our regular gastric banding packages cost about $6,450 (this includes 2-night hotel stay, surgeon’s fee, lab work, pre and post op nutrition, medications, ground transportation, post-op support and a lot more; fill in the contact form on the right for more details).

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Glorieta Cuauhtemoc - Tijuana - Mexico Monument

Tijuana as Your Destination for Lap Band

Should you choose to have your gastric banding surgery in the Mexican border town, the following information may be of help:

  • While the doctors and their staff can easily converse in English, you must keep in mind that the official language in Mexico is Spanish and that people on the road are unlikely to talk in English much.
  • While one can easily drive down to Tijuana from the United States, it may be harder than you think because the driving rules are not the same and the road signs, being in a different language, may be incomprehensible.
  • If you plan to fly into San Diego, then we will provide you free pick-up from the San Diego International Airport (code: SAN).
  • American credit cards and even dollars are accepted at many places. However, you may want to keep some local currency on you for smaller purchases.
  • Enquire about the reports/documents required in advance. Have your medical records and travel papers in place, so there are no hindrances in the medical trip.

If you are thinking about undergoing gastric banding in Tijuana, start collecting information a few weeks in advance so by the time you get there, you are ready for everything.

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