Mexico Bariatric Surgery Support Group Rules

  1. Please DO NOT POST about other medical tourism companies, bariatric surgery facilitators, or surgeons in this Support Group. This group is an effort of Mexico Bariatric Services and Medical Tourism Corporation for the benefit of people who have had or are contemplating weight loss surgery. Those found promoting anyone other than MBS or MTC will be banned.
  2. Please report any suspicious activity or posts to the group admins.
  3. Do not exchange private messages promoting other companies or surgeons not under our network with group members. Any patient facilitators/coordinators found privately messaging other members will be banned permanently.
  4. Do not post in a language other than English.
  5. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards those insulting or personally attacking the group admins.
  6. Any spammy posts (including advertisements) will be removed.
  7. Please keep the support group clean by not posting inappropriate, irrelevant, or offensive material.
  8. Support group membership is at the sole discretion of Mexico Bariatric Services and Medical Tourism Corporation, and members violating the group rules will be banned without further notice.

The rules are simple to follow. Let’s make this group a great place to share, teach, and learn. Click to join our group.