Bariatric Surgery Mexico Referral Program

Who Qualifies? – Past Satisfied Clients

We invite all of our satisfied clients to participate in our Referral Program for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Here is a unique opportunity to help someone you know to fulfill their wish to become healthier. And for every client you refer to us, you become eligible for a referral bonus.

How It Works

Fill the refer-a-friend form on the page. For every referral to us for bariatric surgery, you and your referred friend both become eligible for a $50-reward after their surgery trip completion.

Offer is valid for NEW bookings ONLY, is NOT RETROACTIVE, and cannot be combined with discounts or any other promotional offer.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only past clients of Mexico Bariatric Services (or allied websites) qualify for the program.
  2. The bonus will be given only after the completion of the referred person’s surgery trip.
  3. Modifications to or cancellation of the promo is at the sole discretion of Mexico Bariatric Services.
  4. Repeat referrals of the same person will not be entertained.
  5. Previous patients do not qualify as referrals.
  6. The referrers should provide their exact name and email address as is present in our records.

For more information, please call us at +1-800-661-2126, or email your case manager.