Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient Story from Tijuana

Written sleeve gastrectomy patient story from Tijuana, Mexico by Tanya Rodriguez who chose to travel south of the border all the way from Denver, Colorado to have her weight loss surgical procedure.

Her gastric sleeve testimonial:

Had a great stay here from beginning to end starting with the driver, Angel. He was very prompt and courteous and made the trip from San Diego to Tijuana very comfortable. Next, the front desk personnel gave us our paperwork right away and went over all the paperwork with us. They were also very welcoming.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Testimonials Mexico
Tanya’s Testimonial – click to zoom image

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“Next we met Veronica, who has been amazing from beginning to end. She has been so informative, helpful, and personable and has given us all the information we could hope for. She goes out of her way to accommodate and help.

“Dr. Reyna, Dr. Cordero, and the anesthesiologist were all amazing! Thank you all so much for answering any and all questions. Dr. Reyna and Dr. Cordero went out of their way to help me and be there with me through all my unforeseen circumstances. The complete nursing staff and lab staff were wonderful, kept me calm, and gave me peace throughout. The maintenance staff was also very courteous.

“Overall loved the experience through and through. I would highly recommend everyone a comfortable recliner for the patient and a small table w/two chairs. Over again thank you, everyone, and thank you for making this life-changing and amazing experience even more amazing and memorable.

Tanya Rodriguez

Another client of ours had positive things to say about her post-op gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana.

Gastric sleeve is a restrictive bariatric surgery which involves removal of over three quarters of the stomach along its greater curvature. The remaining stomach is just about 25% of its original size and resembles a tube or a sleeve.

Tijuana in Mexico has been a great draw among Americans and Canadians looking for cheaper gastric sleeve closer home. The city offers great value-for-money packages that cost just a fraction of prices usually charged for the surgery in the United States. Our very own gastric sleeve packages for Tijuana, for example, begin from $4,295 only.

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