Sleeve Surgery, Tijuana – Testimonial

Brandy from Henderson, Texas, went to Tijuana for her gastric sleeve surgery and describes her journey in the video below:

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Read the video transcription below:

“Well…to start it off I had a great driver. My card is up and right away, when we got off, the driver is across and talked to us and kind of showed us some stuff as we were driving around, brought us straight to the hotel and then we agree about the bellhops and he got us in and Ricardo took us straight to the desk and stayed with us until we had out room ready, so we weren’t left alone.

“I came across it over the internet and then I asked for a quote and Cyrel emailed me and gave me normal information and then just through back and forth emails and phone calls almost every day, every other day she was in quite a bit of contact with me and even since I’ve been here she’s been in contact with me. Made that seem more…I haven’t met her but it made it more personal because I have had a lot of contact with her.

“I had my surgery on Tuesday, February 25th and today is Thursday and I released today. So it’s only been two days and I feel great. I didn’t have any complications. I have a little high blood pressure but I feel good. I didn’t have any major problems.

“I would just say that do your research and when you decide, go for it, don’t be afraid. I enjoyed my experience. I was nervous but I enjoyed it and it wasn’t painful. It was a little discomfort but it wasn’t painful. A lot of people don’t want to do it because they are afraid of the pain but I enjoyed it. I would so completely recommend it. I have some friends that already want to know my experience to come down.”

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