Veronica’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Testimonial – Tijuana

Veronica Baysinger from North Pole, Alaska traveled all the way with her husband to the Mexican border city of Tijuana for her gastric sleeve surgery. In her testimonial, Veronica is all praise for our personnel staff that took care of her (including the driver) and the doctors.


Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.

Veronica’s pre-surgery anxiety was dissipated away after she see the level of involvement of the people associated with the surgery.
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Veronica Baysinger – Gastric Sleeve Surgery – October 30, 2014

My husband and I arrived at the San Diego Airport a day before the surgery. We were both a little nervous but that went away after we  met with Ricardo the driver that drove us to the hospital from that point on, it was so comforting to see how all the people involve during this process are so amazing and caring.


Veronica's Gastric Sleeve Testimonial - Tijuana

Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.

Beginning with Regene, Ricardo, and specially Veronica – these 3 people are the key of all the process. Dr. Reyno and Dr. Camelo, where so greatfull and thorough. They both took their time to explain the procedure and reaffirm that all was going to be ok. Our overall experience was great with the exception of beds and the hotel.

I want to take this time to express my appreciation to Veronica – amazing lady, Regene for her patience and the doctors for making it easier and affordable for some of us to have this type of surgeries done.                

Thank you all!

God bless!

Veronica Baysinger,

North Pole,


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