Why Americans go to Mexico for WLS

Check out the top five reasons why many Americans prefer traveling to Mexico for weight-loss surgery.

1. Cost of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

In the search of pocket-friendly bariatric surgery, many people go to Mexico.

The low cost of living in the country has benefits in terms of medical services, stay, medicines, meals, and travel arrangements.

Americans and Canadians prefer Mexico as the entire trip, with medical care, comes to a fraction of the costs estimated in such countries.

Our board certified surgeons provide high quality care at affordable prices. Services include labs, surgeon’s fee, pre and post-op care, on-site nutritionist.

We provide hotel stay and pick ups from the United States-Mexico border and the respective airports as well.

Price of Various Weight Loss Surgeries in Mexico

There is a huge difference in prices for different bariatric procedures when one compares the US and Mexico. While the gastric bypass costs around $24,000, the same procedure is available in Mexico for $5,595.

Here is a table depicting cost comparison for WLS in US and Mexico.

Cost Comparison of WLS Procedures in US and Mexico
Procedure United States Mexico
Gastric Sleeve Surgery $14,900 $4,295
Gastric Bypass Surgery $24,300 $5,595
Lap Band Surgery $14,500 $5,495

Prices vary slightly, depending on the location. For instance, the cost of gastric sleeve is Tijuana starts at $4,295 but is $4,695 in Cancun.

2. Quality of Bariatric Surgery in Mexican Hospitals

The cheap price of weight loss procedures does cause one to be doubtful about the cut-rate deals. People may understand the reason for cheap WLS in Mexico, but it is natural to wonder : “Pay less and put our health at stake?”.

Our bariatric centers in Mexico do not believe in compromising the health and safety of their patients.

The bariatric hospitals in Mexico are known for their excellent infrastructure. With their advanced equipment, modern labs, and well-equipped patient rooms, high-quality medical care is provided.

We are strict about sticking to international norms of sterilization. This ensures the safety of all patients prior to, during, and after the surgery.

Staff at Oasis of Hope Tijuana

3. Doctors in Mexico

Our network surgeons are among the most qualified and best bariatric surgeons in Latin America. They are bilingual (English and Spanish). So, they can explain all the details of the procedure and provide answers to your queries.

Our team of experienced bariatric surgeons has been taking care of international patients. So, they are accustomed to their satisfying patient expectations.

After obtaining their graduate degrees, and respective specializations, many of our surgeons attend foreign conferences. This helps them keep updated with the latest developments in their fields.

Most Mexican doctors treat a larger number of patients from all over the world. Hence, as compared to their American counterparts, they have the benefit of additional experience.

4. Nil Wait Times

Waiting for a long duration to see one’s doctor may act as a dampener for obese people suffering from so many health complications. In Mexico, the idea of queuing up to enter a doctor’s room is non-existent.

Before your arrival in the country, you may contact a representative of Mexico Bariatric Services. They will help set up an appointment with the doctor according to your convenience and his availability.


5. Proximity of Mexico

Opting to undergo a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass in Mexico eliminates the strain of an uncomfortable journey as it is very close to the US.

An added advantage of traveling to a neighboring country also means limited transportation expenditure and lesser communication barriers.

Reviews by Americans Going to Mexico for WLS

Over the years, we have seen many patients successfully beat their obesity and health issues by opting for their bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Check out the following weight loss surgery reviews to get a better idea about their entire experience.

1. Gina from Vancouver, Washington shares her experience with bariatric surgery in Mexico.

 2. Rudy from Winnipeg, Canada reviews gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico.

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery in Mexico, think weight-loss surgery by Mexico Bariatric Services, and perhaps you may be able to add more advantages to the above list — say, a congenial doctor, amazing service, and great results!

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