2 Days Post-op Gastric Sleeve Experience – Tijuana

Tijuana is a highly popular destination for gastric sleeve among Americans. The city’s proximity to the United States and its unique offering of affordable yet quality bariatric procedures makes it a hit among medical tourists from across the border.

And a number of positive sleeve gastrectomy reviews have been relaying out of the Mexican border town.

Here is another video review of gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana by an American – Lynne. An upbeat Lynne is all praise for the doctor and the facility. This video was taken on the second day after her gastric sleeve procedure.

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The following is the transcription of the video:

Doctor – Hi Lynne. How are you?

Lynne – Very well. Thank you.

Doctor – How do you feel?

Lynne – I feel great. This is my second day after surgery. And I feel fantastic.

Doctor – Ok. And today we are going to remove the drain. We are going to take the X-ray in a few hours and after that we are going to remove the drain after the swallow test.

How was your experience in Tijuana?

Lynne – The clinic is done really well. I think it is clean. The staff is excellent. And the doctors, Dr Munnoz and Dr. Curiel, are the best. I recommend it to everyone.

Doctor – Thank you very much. The trip …how was your trip?

Lynne – My trip was good. I came from Florida. It was a long trip but it’s ok.

Lynne’s gastric sleeve was performed by one of the foremost bariatric surgeons of Baja California. With over 1,000 sleeve gastrectomies under his belt, the bariatric surgeon is a respected name in the field of weight loss surgery.

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