Jamie Aguilera on Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

How does it feel after gastric sleeve surgery? Jamie Aguilera, who underwent gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, shares with the surgeons his views on the facility, the staff, and his overall experience.

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Video Transcription:

“Oh, it’s very clean, it’s very clean. I’m very impressed with the whole facility. It’s very clean and staff is amazing… It’s top notch service. I recommend it.

“The nurses are great. The nurse is very attentive. Every time you ask for something they always, always come to you. I’m very happy.

“I will recommend it. I will recommend this place a lot. I didn’t have no issues at all.”

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is available with Mexico Bariatric Services from prices as low as $4,295. We work with some of the top hospitals in several cities of Mexico and are committed to providing top-notch bariatric services at the best possible prices.

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