Diana’s Experience Getting Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Watch this video in which Diana shares her vertical gastric sleeve experience in Mexico. Diana’s gastric sleeve was performed by one of the foremost bariatric surgeons practicing in Tijuana, Mx.

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Video Transcript: 

“My name is Diana and I came down to have the gastric sleeve done and Dr. Gonzalez did a wonderful job. He is very confident, very friendly, very knowledgeable about what he is doing. And it’s been a very comfortable stay.

I am very pleased with the decision that I made to come down and have it Medical Tourism. They helped me from start to finish. I had a case manager who was wonderful and they transported and and just…the nurses are great. It’s just a good experience. ”

This video is complemented by another video on a patient’s gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana, Mexico. Gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive procedure which restricts the capacity of the stomach to hold food by removing nearly 75% of it. The reduced food holding capacity of the stomach results in the individual feeling full after eating very small quantities.

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