Rick’s Vertical Sleeve Experience in Tijuana

Watch this video in which Rick Gauna from California reviews his vertical gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana. Rick was impressed by the level of care given to him and did not face any language issues as most of the staff members at the hospital were English-speaking.

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Video Transcription:

“Hello, everyone! My name is Rick Gauna from California. If you have ever considered doing the gastric sleeve, I can tell you it is a very pleasant experience. I know sometimes it is hard to believe all testimonials but my wife and I were blown away from the first day. Our driver picked us up in San Diego.

“So pleasant and professional service brought us into the hospital. Here all the staff was way above and beyond what you expect. And to my surprise most of them did speak English also. So if you have any concerns with that just disregard it. And all in all we have had a fantastic experience. And my only concern now is why didn’t I do it sooner. And that’s about it. Thank you. ”

Tijuana is a border city located right across San Ysidro, California. Popularly known as TJ, it is well-known for highly experienced and competent bariatric surgeons who offer weight loss procedures, such as gastric sleeve, for a minuscule percentage of prices charged in neighboring United States.

Because of the quality of care comparable to and even superseding that provided in the United States, bariatric surgery reviews in Tijuana have been mostly positive.

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