Life After Bariatric Surgery – Tijuana, Mx

Watch US-resident GiGi talk about life post gastric banding in Tijuana, Mexico. GiGi lost a whooping 80 pounds after her weight loss surgery and has come down from size 22 to size 6.

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Video Transcription

“The lap band operation has actually changed my life towards the better. It’s been two years actually this month that I have done the surgery and I have lost 80 pounds. And I lost the 80 pounds within the first year of my surgery. I am a happier person. I shop better. I can select things that I want. I don’t have to decide here and there. I was a size 22 and from a size 22 I am size 6 now. So you can see it’s made a big difference.

“Going up-down the stairs. Anything – swimming, exercising, your life adds to your everyday. Life changes. Things that you had a little bit – you were doing a little bit harder, it comes naturally easy for you. So it has changed my life.  And a lot of improvements. And I like it.

“I recommend it. A lot of people like people who saw me… about close to 15 people and all that I have only personally have referred to Dr. Gonzalez and everybody comes out very happy. And all we have positive things to say about Dr. Gonzalez and he is very honest and he is very blunt and he explains the procedure and he tells you and he helps you.

“That’s one of the other things – he helps you to make …he helps you to apply the surgery, the procedure to your lifestyle. Dr. Gonzalez passed the test because he answered all my questions and I felt extremely comfortable with him. And he is so talented. Being a doctor, not only being a doctor – he is very skillful and I don’t know it’s so easy.”

Tijuana has established itself as a medical tourism mecca in Mexico. Its proximity to San Diego, Ca makes it a popular destination for people seeking low cost yet quality weight loss surgery south of the border. Take a lot at another of our client’s review of vertical sleeve in Tijuana.

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