Luisa’s Vertical Sleeve Experience in Tijuana

Written review of gastric sleeve in Tijuana by Luisa Leal. Luisa was so impressed by the level of care given to her that she recommends a pay hike for the entire staff at the hospital!


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Luisa’s Gastric Sleeve Testimonial:

“My care here at Florence was more than I could have imagined. Our driver Ricardo was in time, sweet, and kind. My case manager Bianca was always on top of every detail and question. Veronica was a life saver. She even went to the store to purchase bottled water for me. She explained everything in great detail. I was never nervous or afraid because of being so well informed.

“ awesome, Very attentive. Willing to listen. He treated me like a person. He was with me every step of the way. He expounded on all info I needed and answered all of my boyfriend’s questions. My surgeon was so confident that he made me feel confident. he checked up on me and even offered to send me a video of my surgery.


Gastric Sleeve Tijuana Review
Luisa's WLS Surgery Testimonial

Being one of Jehovah’s Witness I was worried about the possibility of blood transfusion. And the possibility of being pushed by the doctors. But the were refreshingly polite and very respectful. This was worth thousands to me.

We hope to convince my future mother-in-law to come here. We wouldn’t want to take her anywhere else. In my opinion, these are the only doctors I would recommend for VSG.

“Veronica, thank you so much for all you have done for me. We cannot thank you enough. You all did ask me for suggestions. So here are just a few:

Sleep – I found it very hard to sleep in the hospital room. But I do understand that it is a very busy place. perhaps, patients can meet the new nurses when they wake up. I was woken up each time there was a shift change. It’s minor, but
each time someone entered the room, I was caused to wake.

“Please give patients a medicine to sleep. would make a world of difference! Oh! Good mom pillows!

Staff – Only one recommendation…they all deserve raises. They work so hard so diligently. I love all of them. Please tell all of them thank you!

“Thank you a million times for the great + wonderful care we received.”

Tijuana is a major Mexican border city right across San Ysidro in California. Also called TIJ after its IATA airport code, Tijuana serves as a prime medical tourism center in the country. Proximity to the United States makes it a major hit with American medical tourists looking for quality care at just a fraction of US prices.