Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Reviewed by Regina

Mexico Bariatric Services brings you another sleeve gastrectomy story. Regina Sipes chose us to facilitate her gastric sleeve surgery in the Mexican border town of Tijuana. The competent weight loss surgeons of Tijuana have helped thousands of Americans banish obesity and come up with their own success stories.

Regina is all praise for her gastric sleeve experience, and even looks forward to coming back for having “some other stuff done”. Have a look at her testimonial.

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Video transcription:

My name is Regina Sipes and I came to Tijuana to have the gastric sleeve done. And I was picked up at the airport Sunday by Ricardo. Brought me to my hotel. Here at the hospital and all the nurses, all the doctors were wonderful. Taken very well care of. 

I have had no problems. And I highly recommend the Mexico Bariatric program. And I think Ryke is wonderful for taking such good care of me. And all the doctors are very nice and I plan on coming back in about a year to have some other stuff done.

Regina’s positive experience is complemented by another vertical sleeve Tijuana review video, in which Jeannette Bohanan from Oklahoma discusses her weight loss surgery trip. Accompanied by her parents, a beaming Jeannette Bohanan was particularly impressed by one of our case managers’ prompt correspondence.

Tijuana beckons weight loss surgery enthusiasts primarily from the United States and Canada with its state-of-the-art hospitals, well-experienced bariatric surgeons and highly competitive prices. On an average, one can easily save thousands of dollars by having surgery in the Mexican border town rather than in the United States. And Tijuana’s proximity to San Diego is an added bonus.

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