Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Testimonial – Tijuana

The Mexican border city of Tijuana has been a hit with many American medical tourists looking to vanquish obesity with gastric sleeve surgery. And to prove this, we bring you another very positive gastric sleeve Tijuana review video, in which Oklahoma resident Jeannette Bohanan discusses her surgery experience.

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Video transcript:

“Hi my name is Jeanette Bohanan. I am from the United States. I live in Oklahoma. I have done some research about doing the vertical sleeve surgery through Mexico Bariatric Services and I am very pleased. I have found out about this company online through a video. A lady explained her surgery and how well it went and how great she feels and so I was convinced and I made contact with Hazel.

“She got back to me right away immediately and told me about all the details and what are we going to do. And I was very pleased with that. I have asked my parents to come with me. Just a… I was just a little nervous but along the way it’s been so many people to make me feel very confident, very safe. The doctors have been wonderful. Amazing doctors. Really taking care of me. The nurses, the staff, Ms. Veronica has been with me the whole way and I just am so happy with my results.

“I can’t wait for the future to see what else is going to happen. but I am very very pleased and I highly recommend their service to anybody thinking about bariatric surgery.”

Jeanette is one of the several gastric sleeve success stories coming out of Mexico. The country offers quality weight loss surgery which is substantially lower in cost than in the neighboring United States. The country boasts highly competent gastric sleeve surgeons who have fairly good experience of treating medical tourists from the United States and other parts of the world.

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