Post-op Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Millisa’s Story (Part 1)

Two days after her gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Millisa Fox shares her entire experience. Millisa stumbled upon Mexico Bariatric Services online and chose us to facilitate her surgery in the Mexican border town. Millisa was particularly impressed with the prompt communication between her and her case manager.

Millisa is one of the several Americans who travel to Mexico every year to get rid of obesity surgically. Have a look at another such gastric sleeve review video in which Regina Sipes discusses her weight loss surgery trip.

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Video Transcription

“Hi! My name is Millisa Fox. Today is August 28, 2014 and I had my surgery on the 26th just two days ago. I think I would like to start by saying I have been very, very overweight for 14 years now. And I would start researching bariatric surgery probably 7-8 years ago on and off, on and off. And then I finally decided to finally show it to the doctor and … to have it. So I was looking online for some American surgeons and when I was online that Mexico Bariatric and Tijuana surgeons kept popping up. And so I thought why not look at it.

“So I looked at it and I just started reading and I am a real researcher. So I read every single thing hours and hours and weeks and weeks. I would read about it and I asked so when I had sent out due like an application on the first couple of them that you do. And I was really pleased with Mexico Bariatric because they are very, very attentive.

“Cyrel responded to me immediately with every questions very honest with every questions that I had. If she wasn’t sure, she would find out. And she would find out and respond to me immediately. I looked at a couple of different surgeons also. And I decided to go with my surgeon, I am not quite sure why, but my gut feeling told me to go with him. I looked things up. Read about him. Researched about him. And that there was most of the things I read about were good in a way. But just something told me to go with my surgeon. I am so, so very pleased that I did.”          

Low cost of gastric sleeve surgery (from $4,295 only), along with the presence of state-of-the-art bariatric hospitals and competent weight loss surgeons, is a big reason more and more medical tourists from the United States are turning south of the border for weight loss surgery. Easy access from the United States (thanks to Mexico being the neighboring country of the US) is another big draw among American bariatric surgery enthusiasts.

 Part – 2 Millisa’s Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana.

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