Millisa’s Vertical Sleeve Story in Tijuana (Part 2)

This is the second video of the three-part gastric sleeve review series of Millisa Fox.

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Millisa came across Mexico Bariatric Services online, and decided to go ahead with us to facilitate her weight loss surgery trip in Tijuana.

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Video transcript:

So I started my actual journey and also when I say this is one thing that I haven’t … or anything. I was wondering other people have that incredible emotional rollercoaster that I was on for the first two months. You know I am having for a reason.  I mean I do have some medical conditions but it is also because I mean overeater and so I have a relationship with food and a comfort with food. That is ready to change but that doesn’t mean that it is easy. So I found myself being kind of feeling like I was grieving something right before and that was kind of odd for me. And even not to say it but it is the truth I want to be real about what I have experienced that I am so ready for this.

“So my journey started.  I flew from El Paso to Phoenix and then San Diego. We had a wonderful driver named Ricardo. He is fun, he is intelligent He is nice he makes me comfortable. He picked me up at the airport and I was a little bit nervous coming across the border> I have been across the border a few times but that was a little …I it didn’t feel look good. I wasn’t very comfortable all I can say that. And then I got to the hospital. It was a lot smaller than I thought. But it was very nice and I cannot tell you how kind and attentive every single staff member was.

“It was a lot. There was a receptionist there was a lady who helped me change my beds. There was a person bringing me my broth. There was the doctors, the nurse. Everybody was just so happy. Everybody called me by my name. They were kind. I got to immediately I got here I would have my blood work time. My EKG just bam bam bam. After having all that they take me to all other rooms. Got taken care of. And then I met this beautiful lady named Veronica who helped me out and she really has been there with me. I knew that they told me that there was going to be … that she was going to help me out. And then I did realize how she was going to help me through in any little things I was going to need here. I mean anything.

“I feel my surgery is to have my surgery I came out and I remember them saying “Millisa, Millisa, you’re finished” And that’s when they put me on my bed. And I remember thinking – I thought I was supposed to be hurting and I think I would be hurting . And I felt absolutely nothing. I slept for 5 hours after the surgery. I got up and immediately asked can I start waking. And they told me I was a speed walker. They said, “wow, you are walking fast”. I was just walking in and out.

“All I say I have had zero amount of pain. I have had discomfort but I would not categorize it as pain. My discomfort was in my shoulders when they told me I could probably have the gas pains. And they told me if the first day if I wasn’t able to get to walk to move my arms around. So as I was sleeping when I woke up feeling that this was kind of doing my shoulders to try to knock it out and go back to sleep. Then I did my little walk and I felt great.”


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