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Plastic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Embarking on a bariatric surgery is a life changing event. It involves dedication and commitment to lifestyle changes. There are many positives of dramatic weight loss like renewed confidence level and a healthier life. It also means dealing first hand with excess skin after weight loss. At MBS, we offer affordable options for plastic surgery after bariatric surgery in Mexico. The goal of plastic surgery is primarily removal of sagging skin and stretch marks left behind after losing a lot of weight.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss - Mexico
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2015 there were 15.9 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States1. There has been a rise of 115% in the cosmetic procedures performed since 20001.

Breast and buttock lifts were up by 89% and 252% in 2015 as compared in the 2000. Similarly lower body lifts and upper arm lifts increased to 3,973% and 4,959% in 20151.

Thighplasty in Mexico - Before-and-After

Plastic Surgery Prices for Tijuana, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta

Our prices for Mexico are very competitive. Expect to save more than 70% on body contouring compared to the USA.

ProcedureTijuanaCancunPuerto Vallarta
Face Lift Surgery$4,500$5,000$5,850
Breast Augmentation Surgery$4,500$3,500$3,800
Tummy Tuck$4,500Starting at $4000$3,980
Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery)$4,000$3,700$3,800
Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery with Implants)$5,200
Liposuction one area$2,400Starting at $1500$2,100
Mommy Makeover(tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift)$9,500Starting at $7000
Brazilian Butt Lift$3,500
Buttock Enlargement$3,900
Buttock Lift$3,900

Cosmetic Surgery Statistics - Infographic

Candidacy for Body Lift After Weight Loss

You are candidate for post weight loss makeover if:

  • If there has been a remarkable weight loss from bariatric surgery and your weight has stabilized post gastric sleeve or RYGB and you are 18 months or more into the surgery
  • There is sagging skin on face, neck, arms, thighs and/or abdomen left behind after dramatic weight loss

Send Us Your Pictures for Review

Kindly follow the below mentioned instructions for sending us your pictures:

  • We recommend taking picture against a white or light colored background. Make sure there are no decorations on the wall.
  • Skin must be visible for which the treatment is desired.
  • Good lighting is essential. Make sure there is ample light when you click the picture.
  • Keep your arms on sides while taking the picture. Photos in slanting/leaning/inclined positions are not useful.
FACE (including brow, eyes, neck, etc)Full front and side views of face and neck.

Do not smile or frown, keep your face in a relaxed position.

Keep your chin in normal relaxed position. Do not extended it upwards.

NOSEFront and side views of face and neck against light blue background
ARMS (Lift and/or Liposuction)Extended horizontally, bent upward at elbow
BREASTSFront and side views with arms resting on sides
TUMMY TUCK and/or LIPOSUCTION of ABDOMENFront and side views with the skin just above the pubic area.
THIGHS (Lift and/or Liposuction)Front and back views (from top to below the knees) with legs slightly open

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Plastic Surgery Options After Bariatric Surgery

Initial Consultation for Plastic Surgery in Mexico

The initial consultation with MBS plastic surgeon may include assessing the following:

  • Your weight loss after bariatric surgery
  • Allergies or other medical conditions
  • Photos for medical records
  • Your current health status including elasticity in skin

Upper and Lower Body Lift Options

When you undergo a bariatric surgery and lose massive amount of weight, you are left with loose skin on various parts of your body including thighs, arms, tummy and face. These stubborn fat deposits make you self-conscious and prone to several skin infections. Fortunately, we also offer upper/lower body lift options.

Upper body lift can be performed on skin around the arms, chest or waist. A lower body lift is carried out on abdomen, hips, outer thighs, and buttocks. For some individuals a mix of both of these techniques called total or complete body lift can also be a viable option.

Panniculectomy/Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty removes hanging or excess skin as well as stretch marks in the lower abdomen below the belly button. A 2015 study by Colabianchi V and colleagues states it should be performed after stabilization of weight loss2. Some benefits of tummy tuck include:

  • It involves removal of the abdominal fat and prevention of the same2
  • Reduced back pain for some
  • Regained confidence2
  • Improved personal hygiene2
  • Resolution of dermatological problems2

Tummy Tuck in Mexico - Before-and-After

Breast Lift/Breast Reduction/Breast Implants

Mastopexy addresses the issue of sagging breasts, uneven and droopy breasts after a bariatric surgery. For individuals who want to enhance their breast size, breast augmentation may be an option. Another way to reshape your heavy, uneven breasts is through breast reduction.

Benefits of Mastopexy:

  • Solution for larger or smaller breasts
  • Solution for drooping nipples and extended areolas
  • Better symmetry and shape
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Treats unequal breasts

Mastopexy Statistics - Infographic

What About Success Rate With Breast Lift?

The study by Wilson Cintra Junior and colleagues suggests the following:

  • There was 95% satisfaction rate with surgical results, upper body contours and reduction in excess skin after mastopexy3
  • No massive complications3
  • Mastopexy had a positive influence on various phases of the individual’s life postoperatively3

Brachioplasty/Upper Arm Lift

Brachioplasty may be required after a drastic weight loss or with aging. The excess fat deposits are removed from the flabby arm giving it a more contoured projection.

Thighplasty/Thigh lift

After weight loss surgery, you may need a thigh lift. Some benefits include:

  • A study by Sisti A and colleagues confirms patient satisfaction with great improvement in medial thigh contours4
  • Reduction of excess skin and fat in the medial part of the thighs4
  • No major complications4

Rhytidectomy/Face Lift

You may be a candidate for face lift if you have a sagging face skin, double chin and wrinkled area in your neck post bariatric surgery or due to aging. Some benefits include:

  • A study by Man, D. and colleagues states no hairline and ear canal distortion is reported with Rhytidectomy5
  • Natural looking results5
  • Shorter incisions inside the ears that are not visible5

Genioplasty/Chin Correction Surgery

Chin correction surgery can be performed to either reduce or augment the chin size.


Used in combination with other plastic surgeries such as tummy tuck, it is best suited for removal of isolated fat deposits. It is best suited for those who want to refine their body curves. Benefits of liposuction include:

  • Can be used for suctioning fat from various parts of the body including thighs, arms and neckline
  • Its approach is purely esthetic and not a solution for obesity removal
  • It offers targeted body toning

Which areas are affected by lose skin after weight loss?

Almost all areas are affected by excess weight loss. Some people have hanging skin on their abdomen while others have it on their thighs.

Dos and Don’ts

Preparing for plastic surgery after bariatric surgery involves the individual to be in good health and positively motivated. To determine your fitness for surgery, your surgeon at MBS may ask you to undergo a physical examination. Adhering to some lifestyle changes may form a part of discussion with the surgeon. Some dos and don’ts to follow include:

  • Make sure you are taking required vitamins and supplements recommended by your doctor
  • Undergoing bariatric surgery also means a lifetime commitment to a good exercise regime. Make sure you are exercising right and contributing to your long-term weight loss
  • Have a protein rich diet low in calories so that your body is able to recover from surgery
  • Stop smoking at least a month before your plastic surgery. Giving up smoking reduces your chances of complications from the surgery
  • If you are under medication of some sort, inform the doctor well in advance so that measures can be taken. Avoid blood thinning medicines and certain anti-inflammatory drugs that can interfere with healing.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption.
  • During your recovery period, it is advisable to have support at home. A family member or friend at home can help you manage with daily chores.
  • In case of breast or arm lift, sleep on an inclined position to reduce swelling. You can achieve the desired elevation with pillows under your arm.
  • Wear comfortable clothes which do not interfere with movements of the arm and hands. If possible, wear front open t-shirts.

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