Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana – Johnny’s Story

Johnny Crawford and Linda Crawford from Phoenix, Arizona talk about their sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

In a similar testimonial, an American shares her post-op gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana.

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Following is the video description:

Johnny Crawford: I am Johnny Crawford and this is my wife Linda Crawford and we came here through MexicoBariatricServices and I was recommended by a friend in Phoenix, Arizona. So we flew down to the San Diego international airport and they picked us up in a van. And that evening I had my sleeve done. They cared for us very well and in every other way they were very professional and I don’t know what else to say but…

Linda Crawford: Well, when we arrived here we were greeted by Veronica, a very-very nice person. And receptionist was really nice and helpful to us. And then we were admitted in the room and Veronica tell us what we are going to do and what we are expecting. The doctor came in….. a wonderful doctor. Like I have been working all over the world now. I know this that some of the doctors had chip in this shoulder but this doctor is wonderful. He had a good team. The nurses are wonderful…..My husband went to surgery. Before he went to the surgery…the surgeon came and visited him and explained to him every procedure. And the surgeon was such a wonderful doctor – a welcoming, down-to-earth doctor.

Johnny Crawford: Yeah, they are very professional; all the modern equipment. Everything went very well. They explained everything to us as it was going to happen and everything. So, it’s very well.  Thank you!

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