Tijuana Weight-loss And Plastic Surgery Special

$3,999 All-inclusive* Gastric Sleeve surgery package plus $300** discount on Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery with one of the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana!

Now there is no excuse to compromise the way you look!


Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.

Body contouring has never been so affordable. With this special limited-period discount on plastic surgery after weight weight-loss surgery, you can bid adieu to those sagging skin folds that undermine your confidence, even after you have shed the extra weight.

Take advantage of this special discount on gastric sleeve in Tijuana, and the added $300 concession on plastic surgery. It’s time to get back into that slim and toned body that you’ve always desired.

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*Airfare not included
**Applies to plastic/cosmetic surgery with a total cost of $5000 or up, done after 6 months to 1 year after having weight loss surgery.