Tracey from UK Reviews Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Bariatric surgery in Tijuana – Mexico reviewed by Tracey who traveled all the way from the United Kingdom for her surgery. This video testimonial was recorded three days after her gastric sleeve.

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Video Transcription

Tracey – My name is Tracey. I am from the United Kingdom. I came for gastric sleeve.

When did you have your bariatric surgery?

Tracey – We had our surgery done three days ago. Feel fine. Been out for a walk today. Went to a local shop and came back. Little bit tired but obviously I have just had major surgery. But feel fine. Been up and about since early this morning. Showered. Dressed fine. 

Why did you choose Tijuana for your bariatric surgery?

Tracey – Mainly price. Couldn’t have afforded the packages available in the United Kingdom. I looked up lots of options. I did my research and Mexico seemed to offer a real good package for the services I required. 

What made you pick us over a different company?

Tracey – I liked the quickness of replies to emails, telephone follow-ups. Can’t fault the staff. 

Do you know how much money you are saving by having bariatric surgery in Mexico?

Tracey – The savings between our country compared to here – at least US$10,000.

How easy was it to get from the UK to Mexico?

Tracey – The airfare was very reasonable. The flights are direct to San Diego. The time difference is tiring but if you arrange staying an extra night, you feel fine. I am absolutely fine now. 

How was the experience once you arrived in Tijuana for your bariatric surgery?

Tracey – Every service we have used in our package has been absolutely fantastic. Everyone has been very welcoming, helpful. Very, very clean, tidy. Everybody has been fantastic. 

What did you think of your bariatric surgeon?

Tracey – The doctor that I had for my surgery was outstanding. He was informative, spoke amazing English, did not leave anything to rest if he could not answer a question. Other doctors would. 

Were you satisfied with the hospital staff and facilities?

Tracey – The hospital facilities were outstanding. They were on par with the United Kingdom. All the other medical staff that we have met along the way have been fantastic. All spoke amazing English, communicable and very, very helpful. Came back often to ask if you are alright. Did not just come and see you once and disappear – all the medical staff. 

What did you think of your destination manager?

Tracey – Our patient coordinator Karen has been fantastic. Very helpful, replies to emails straight away. Comes and checks on us daily. 

Anything that you would like to add?

Tracey – I am just really happy that we have come so far. Yes, it has been a long journey. But we have got here and we are healthy. Staying an extra night makes you feel more relaxed and ready to fly back home. Definitely, would recommend your services and the clinic. Have already told one of my friends and she has already looked into her BMI and certain other things. Can’t fault the level of service.  

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