15 Days Before Bariatric Surgery: Pre-op Instructions

Medically Reviewed by Katelyn J. Mock, US-Registered Dietician (R.D.)

With your surgery being only 2 weeks away, review your pre-surgical instructions and the timing of when specific medications and any vitamin/mineral supplements that need to be discontinued before your surgery.

Continue with regular exercise and physical activity daily, aiming for 15-30 minutes or more.

Avoid ‘Last Supper’ Mentality

If you are struggling with the pre-op diet recommendations, reach out to the Facebook group for some tips and motivating words of encouragement.

Measure Yourself

  • Before you lose any more weight, take the time to measure yourself. You will be amazed at how those centimeters or inches can decrease even during times of weight loss stalls (which are normal and expected).
  • Measure your waist, hips, thighs, arms and anywhere you hope to see a change.

Cut Back on Caffeine

  • We recommend eliminating caffeine prior to surgery as it tends to not be tolerated well initially and to prevent small amounts of dehydration,
  • Start by switching to half-caffeinated coffee or split the amount of caffeine that you have each day in half until you are caffeine-free.

Separate Liquids From Meals

  • Practice waiting 20-30 minutes after a meal to begin drinking again.
  • It is important after surgery to avoid drinking with meals as this can push food through your stomach too quickly causing dumping syndrome, indigestion, and decreasing that feeling of fullness.

Prepare Your Kitchen

    • Pantry: Protein powders/drinks, creamy natural nut butter (peanut or almond), cocoa powder, no sugar added applesauce, quick oats, cream of rice or cream of wheat cereal, potatoes and winter squash (to cook and blend) ground flaxseed, ground flaxseed oil (can help alleviate constipation- mix 1 tbs. into yogurt or other food item).
    • Ready-made/canned soups/foods: Reduced-fat cream soup of your choice, chili, Bisque type soups (already blended consistency), broth (chicken, beef, vegetable), lentil soup, tomato or butternut squash, canned beans (pinto, black, fat free refried beans, garbanzo, etc), canned tuna/sardines/salmon, canned beef or chicken/turkey, reduced-fat cream soups to mix canned fish/meat into later in your post-op diet,canned tomatoes/tomato sauce, canned green beans or other vegetables (asparagus tips, carrots, spinach, etc), baby food (fruit or vegetable of your choice), V8 or other vegetable juice, Carnation Instant Breakfast.
Video: Pre-made Tomato Soup
  • Refrigerator/Frozen foods/Dairy: No sugar added milk of your choice (cows milk, soymilk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc.), cottage cheese, full fat plain Greek yogurt (add your own blended fruit or teaspoon of maple syrup for sweetness), tofu (tofu is great to blend into soups, smoothies, and other foods to increase the protein), and eggs, frozen fruit (cherries, mango, blueberries, etc.), frozen vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, etc.), cheese of your choice (not American or Velveeta or other processed cheese.)

Make Your Packing List

  • Work on avoiding eating as a “reflex” to stress, emotions, tension in your life or when you need a break from something. Instead, go for a walk, do some simple stretches, or lie down for a few minutes.

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