Is Coffee Safe for Bariatric Patients

Medically Reviewed by Katelyn J. Mock, US-Registered Dietician (R.D.)

Can you have coffee before bariatric surgery, rather, should you?

The answer is yes!

You can have regular coffee or tea before surgery, but limited.

    • Limit coffee to 8-16 oz per day
    • Avoid coffee drinks that contain a lot of sugar, such as flavored coffee drinks
    • Gradually decrease your caffeine intake before surgery

This helps to decrease the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal after surgery.

After Surgery

After surgery, you’ll need to stop completely for some time until your body can handle it again.

2 Months After Surgery

Caffeine has diuretic effects which dehydrate you by increasing the frequency of urination.

Avoid caffeine completely in this time period

6 Months After Surgery

You can now enjoy small cups of coffee. (1 cup = 6-8 oz)

Doctors recommend that you stay off caffeine till you can accommodate 64 oz+ of water daily.

Notice if you are feeling dehydrated. Stop immediately if your body can’t maintain the hydration just yet.

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