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Liver Reduction Diet – All You Need to Know About Protein Shakes

Protein Supplement for Pre op Diet

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(Source: Health Line)

Oxford Bariatric Service says that it is necessary to shrink the size of one’s liver before going in for any bariatric procedure. This is to avoid extra difficulty during the surgery.1 A pre-op calorie-free liquid diet is given for this.

Protein supplements are critical in the liver shrink diet phase to achieve the desired effect.2 Since the patient is on a liquid diet before the surgery, protein powders become the primary source of protein.

Protein Powder Options in Pre-op Bariatric Liver Shrink Diet Phase

  • Premier Protein
  • Muscle Milk
  • Unjury (they have some unflavored options and even chicken soup flavor)
  • Orgain Protein
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

Avoid buying protein powders with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). That can have harmful effects on the blood lipids as it increases the triglyceride levels in one’s body. It also puts the person at a higher risk of heart trouble.3

Tips on Choosing Protein Powder for Pre-Op Bariatric Surgery Diet

Choosing the Right Protein Powder After Weight Loss Surgery

  • When you pick a protein powder, look for a whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate. (Alternatively, soy protein isolate/concentrate)
  • In general, it is good to have a variety of protein drinks and powders.
  • Avoid buying too much of anything in bulk.
  • Match the protein powder to the requirement.
  • Cleveland Clinic has provided some basic guidelines about choosing protein powders. For instance, people who suffer from kidney disease aren’t able to tolerate a lot of protein. Those with irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance should go with protein powders that are void of lactose sugars or artificial sweeteners4

There are many unsweetened protein drink options to choose from/ These can be added to cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, soup/stews, and casseroles as well.


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Updated on January 3, 2019

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