How to Tip in Mexico

What is a good amount to tip in Mexico?

Question – I am going to Mexico for weight loss surgery and wanted to know about the tipping etiquette in Mexico.

  • A tip of $20 to the driver for each way of the journey from the border (San Diego-Tijuana) to the hospital is good enough.
  • Other than that, keep some change with you for buying.
  • Tipping the hotel driver with $5 is excellent.
  • $2 is generally considered a fine tip for the doorman, housekeeping, and the bellhop.

What Our Clients Say About Tipping in Mexico

Tipping Etiquette in Mexico
Tipping Tips in Mexico
  • I tipped my driver from San Diego to Tijuana $20 each way, a driver from the hotel to hospital $5, room service, doorman, housekeeping, and bellhop $2. I made sure I had a lot of ones. I’ve been to Mexico before, and it’s hard to get USD back in change.
  • Tipped our driver $10 and $15. Our safety was in his hands, and I have NEVER seen someone more appreciative. We got to change a lot of lives for hard-working people in a few short days! Flying out now with a big smile!
  • We did 20.00 to Tijuana and 20.00 back to San Diego. Doormen 5.00 and room service 5.00. Get smaller bills!!! We made a mistake and took all large bills, and it was nearly impossible to get smaller changes in American money!

Extra Cash for Shopping While in Mexico

Besides tipping, you will need cash for the following:

  • Buying drinks, such as water, Gatorade
  • Additional medication
  • Uber (if you opt for one)

This Post Addresses

  • Tipping in Mexico pesos or dollars
  • Tipping in Mexican restaurants
  • Tipping etiquette in Mexico
  • Do you tip Uber drivers in Mexico?

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  1. What about tipping the medical staff? I was told i’ts nice to tip them and my stay will be exceptional, Is that by the day or everytime they come to my bedside?

    1. Medical professionals like doctors or nurses usually do not need to be tipped. Sometimes the nurses do receive tips. When they do it’s $10-$20. Some patients decide to buy lunch for the staff instead, so they pay for a pizza or donuts for everybody.

      Our case manager in Tijuana, Mexico says “When patients ask about tipping, I normally tell them it’s encouraged but not required. That they are in no obligation to tip but it’s always appreciated.
      If they ask how much and to whom, I tell them whatever is within their means, and to whoever they think deserves it.
      Normally most people tip bellboys and drivers only. Sometimes they tip a nurse who they think did a great job.

      Lastly, if they ask for ideas on how much, I tell them that most people tip the bellboys around $2-$5. And the drivers normally around $10-$20”

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