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Post-Op Winter Weight Regain: 4 Ways To Shed

Weight Loss During Winters

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Weight regain after bariatric surgery could be an issue especially in winters. When it’s dark at 5 pm, you crave to binge eat and relax. Winters could bring to a halt your post-op weight management routine.

Let’s discuss avoiding gaining back pounds post weight loss surgery in winters.

Cutting Pounds in the Cold Weather

According to a study, in a colder environment, brown fat is activated, that produces heat to burn regular white fat. You are not only “what you eat” but also “how physically active you are.” [1]“Brown fat fuel utilization and thermogenesis” Kristy L. Townsend, Yu-Hua Tseng, Published: January 02, 2014
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The more physically active you are after weight loss surgery, there’s a better chance for weight loss maintenance.

Useful Tip: Investing in a smartwatch (Fitbit) and having those tiny competitions with your own self (such as the number of stairs climbed or steps are taken) are a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Swap Foods

  • Coconut water (less sugar, more electrolytes) in place of juice.
  • Tahini (flavored and similar creaminess) in place of Mayonnaise.
  • Dark chocolates make you feel more satiated as compared to others.

Warm-Up Without Calories

  • Skip seasonal beverages that can add up to more calories.
  • Hot flavored teas are advisable.
  • Broth-based soups are a healthy and warm pick.
  • Avoid comfort eating that accounts to overeating and weight regain.

Alternates To Exercising

Exercising could be challenging in winters. Below are some creative ideas to  maintain an active routine without

  • Opt for a take-out rather than a home delivery.
  • Use the stairs whenever possible.
  • Try temptation bundling (eg. gym+audiobook of your favorite author)
  • Fidgeting can burn some 350 calories per day 
  • Park in the last row at the grocery store.
  • Do push-ups, stretches, and crunches while watching your favorite tv show.
  • Search YouTube for some short yoga videos to try in your living room.
  • No gym equipment at home? make use of furniture.
  • Shovel part of or the whole driveway YOURSELF.


  1. Brown fat fuel utilization and thermogenesis” Kristy L. Townsend, Yu-Hua Tseng, Published: January 02, 2014

Updated on September 25, 2019

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  1. Hi Tonya, drinking alcohol is a controversial topic. Many physicians and dietitians recommend completely abstaining from alcohol due to the increased calorie content and increased risk of alcoholism that is found after individuals undergo bariatric surgery. I always recommend that if you do decide to have an alcoholic beverage that you keep it to 1 drink. That equals one 12oz beer, 6oz of wine, or 1oz of hard liquor. Always have a little bit to eat before you have any alcohol, consume plenty of hydrating fluids along side your drink of choice, and always have a sober driver.

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