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Tips to Avoid Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery in Winters

Weight Loss During Winters

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Weight regain after bariatric surgery can be an issue at any time but is especially difficult in the winter. Part of this is related to the colder climate making it difficult to get outside and do normal physical activities. Let’s discuss avoiding gaining back pounds post weight loss surgery in the cold weather.

Ways to Keep Pounds Away in the Cold Weather

Physical Activity

  • In one research study, the amount of activity before surgery compared to after surgery was found to be more important than the overall intensity.
  • This means that in general, the more active you are able to be after weight loss surgery, whether it’s walking more throughout the day, taking the stairs at work, etc., there’s a better chance for weight loss maintenance than if you continue with the same activity level as before surgery, but are now eating fewer calories.
  • In essence, you are not only “what you eat,” but also how active you are.
Useful Tip: Investing in a smartwatch (Fitbit) and having those tiny competitions with your own self (such as number of stairs climbed or steps taken) are a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Tips for Increasing Activity in Winters

  • Park in the last row at the grocery store (you’ll get extra exercise and prevent your car from getting dinged by another vehicle)
  • Take the stairs whenever possible (at the doctor’s office, work, parking garage, etc.)
  • Shovel part of or the whole driveway instead of getting out the snowblower or calling the plow
  • Get on the floor and do some push-ups, stretches, and crunches while watching your favorite tv show.
    Go to YouTube and look up some short yoga videos to try in your living room.
Updated on November 19, 2018

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