Testimonial on Gastric Sleeve Mexico by Gina Adams

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Watch the video review of Gastric Sleeve in Mexico by Gina Adams who travelled from Vancouver, Washington to begin her journey of weight loss

Video Transcription

“I am Gina Adams and I am from Vancouver, Washington.”

“Actually, I heard about people… a person at work had a friend that came and had bariatric surgery. Then, I asked her about another girl that came but she didn’t come to this one. But, so I looked them up online and did a little research. Everything looked great and that is why I am here.”

“Well, I was supposed to come sooner but on my own fault, I had to push it our further because my job did not give me the right week off of work so I had to change things. But, it was very quick. It was probably within a month or 2 months, maybe, at the most. And, when I had to make changes, it was done right away.”

“I think the service has been great. Everyone has been super friendly and very informative. Every question I have had has been answered. I came all by myself and um… um… and I’ve done… Well, there has always been someone here to help me with anything I need, get things for me that I need or answer any questions I have and escort me everywhere. So, it has been a good experience that way. Absolutely! I think, for many, it is a great deal. Um, and I think that If you want to lose weight… it is a lot of work. Afterwards, it is a whole new world but, it’s been… it has worked really well for me so far!”

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