Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico – Kirk’s Review

Kirk Munroe from Cooper City, Florida talks about his gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana, Mexico. Check out this video in which he reviews Mexico Bariatric Services:

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Video Transcription

My name is Kirk Munroe. I live in Cooper City, Florida. And I came to Tijuana, Mexico to get the gastric sleeve done.

Why did you choose MBS for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico?

Kirk – “Well, the price was a factor. And also I was looking at the doctors. The doctors seemed to be very good. I have been watching it for about a year and seeing what is going on and what I had to do and get myself mentally ready for it because I know it is a big thing. It requires a big long term change in your diet also. I looked into two or three companies but the back-check I did on the doctors, I was not satisfied with it.

So I just kept looking and so I figured if you were still around for a year and were popping up pretty good, and you were legit. I was worried about coming here and winding up in a ditch, but no. But then everybody has been so hospitable, so caring, so on it. The hospital crew, the hotel crew, the car crew, everybody, the surgeon, the doctors, everyone has been amazing.”

How quick was the entire scheduling process?

Kirk – “When I contacted you, you wanted to do it on Monday, but I could not get a flight up because it was so expensive, so I changed it to Wednesday. So it was like in days if you really want to do it.”

How was the facility in Tijuana, Mexico?

Kirk – “The facility was clean. It wasn’t like you were going to go to a basement or a garage or anything like that. It was a legit place.”

Did you bring someone along? How was their experience?

Kirk – “I brought my friend. He had a nice time. He went out and stayed with me when he could. You know he was here for me. But then I had asked him to go out for a little while because there was this gas I was dealing with and they had me on pain medication. So I was fine with that. So I sent him to go out and see what I could not.”

How is the hotel?

Kirk – “The hotel is gorgeous! Overlooks a golf-course. It has a pool and a tennis court. They have a casino downstairs, a restaurant, they have salsa dancing, they have a lot.”

Would you recommend us?

Kirk – “Your service was great. If I would come back here I would definitely look you all up and I would stay alone. You guys are wonderful. I feel very confident in my decision to do this.”

We have helped hundreds say goodbye to obesity with weight loss surgery in Mexico. We also facilitate revision bariatric surgeries. Here is another video in which a client from Las Vegas reviews lap band port repair in Tijuana, MX.

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