Sharon’s Review – Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

Watch this video in which Sharon from Charlotte, North Carolina reviews gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. Her surgery was performed by an experienced bariatric surgeon.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Sharon Parker. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. My insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, and my cousin actually came here and she recommended it highly.

“It would have cost me $20,000 (in the United States). I did not look into any other country because my cousin recommended this facility so highly. I would rather go with someone I knew would give me a good experience.

“Everything was wonderful. I talked to Cyrel and she emailed me back immediately.  We talked through chatting and I filled out the questionnaire. The doctor approved me for surgery and you know she told me every step that I was to take and you know everything was just wonderful. I talked to everybody and they just answered my questions.

“Dr was wonderful. He is very personable. He come in and checked on me yesterday. You know, checked my bandages and everything. He was very nice. He spoke was very good English.  I was glad that I could understand him.

“The nurses and the staff were wonderful. They cleaned my room twice a day. They checked on me every thirty minutes to an hour to make sure I did not need anything. They would fill my IV with no problem. I haven’t had any issues. The staff is wonderful. They speak very good English. And if there are some who don’t speak that great English, there is a translator here who can translate for me. But I haven’t had that issue.

 “They basically do sign language – like how is your pain – so we can understand each other, which is great. And then they come in every little while to check my IV or give me some pain medicine.  Whenever I push my call button there are here in two minutes to help me.

“Everybody is wonderful. Lily texted me that she was already at the airport waiting for me. And we did not have any issues getting with her. She’s an excellent driver. It was a little scary going across the border because there were so many lanes and turned into two lanes. But she was wonderful.

“Karen was waiting for us at the hotel. Took me to my room and helped me with everything and it was wonderful. And of course, Karen came in to check on me every day. And then Rosa was wonderful. She took care of my mom. I really appreciate because you know she needs help with getting food and her own rest and everything.

Oh yes, definitely 100%. This is just wonderful. There is a difference in the care they are giving me here versus the care I know I would have gotten in America. It is just substantially different.”

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