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General Bariatric Surgery Guidelines

Weight Loss Surgery Guidelines

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Bariatric surgery is a tool that is used to combat obesity and its co-morbidities. Different people are suited for different bariatric procedures. But, the one common thing for all the patients is that weight loss surgery is not a shortcut. It is a lifelong commitment.

Therefore, certain guidelines have to be religiously followed in order to get optimum weight loss results after bariatric surgery. Below, some basic bariatric guidelines have been discussed.

Bariatric Surgery Guidelines

Say no to carbonated beverages and alcohol for at least six weeks

  • This includes diet sodas.
  • A study by John Hopkins University states that people who consume diet soda compensate for the calories by eating more. Hence, diet sodas and weight loss do not go hand-in-hand.

Refrain from lifting weights or doing high impact exercises for six weeks after surgery.

  • It is advised to start exercising after bariatric surgery and building endurance slowly. Start by walking 20-30 minutes a day.
  • As you heal from your surgery, you can opt for different forms of exercise like yoga, pilates and swimming.
  • To tone your muscles, it is recommended to do strength training at least twice a week. Strength training improves one’s posture as well. Muscle helps burn fat faster.
  • The role of exercise in one’s weight loss journey1 cannot be stressed upon enough. It is imperative to exercise regularly.

Do not get in to a hot tub or go swimming for at least four weeks after surgery.

  • It is recommended not to take a shower for 48 hours after the surgery. After taking a shower, it is important to pat the incision dry.
  • For cleaning your wound, use soap and water, and keep it covered with gauze bandage.
  • As regards using a bath tub, it is not advised for the first 6 weeks or till the incisions have healed.2
  • It is always better to ask the weight loss surgeon for a final ‘go ahead’ before taking a bath.


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Updated on December 1, 2018

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