4 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery

Medically Reviewed by Katelyn J. Mock, US-Registered Dietician (R.D.)

Thanksgiving is a day when we are grateful and this happiness translates to good food! For bariatric patients, resisting all the good food could be very tough.

Major holidays could put a new bariatric patient out of their comfort zone. If this is the first year since your surgery then these points could help you in surviving Thanksgiving!



Stay Positive, Be Grateful

Just try to be patient with yourself. Remind yourself of:

  • The reasons why you had the surgery
  • Those happy things that do not involve food
  • The list of things that you are grateful for apart from good food.

Surround yourself with the things that could keep you distracted from getting fixated on food. Keeping yourself happy makes it easier to keep off food.

Post-op Bariatric Surgery Diet for Thanksgiving

Begin With Proteins

How to eat for Thanksgiving? Here are some useful tips about what to put on your plate.

  • Always start off with your protein, if you are a year into surgery or more.
  • You can have salads, vegetables, mashed potatoes, in moderation.
  • Ensure that you have more protein on your plate.

How To Eat Turkey After Weight Loss Surgery

Turkey Tips

  • If you are six months or so from surgery try to focus on having that turkey first, going for the dark piece of turkey over the light.
  • We think of light as being healthier and lower in fat. This is true. But the dark meat is more easy on the stomach and has many vitamins like riboflavin, thiamin, minerals and vitamins [1]“Is Turkey Good for You,” February 22, 2018; Megan Ware RDN LD, Natalie Olsen, RD, LD, ACSM EP-C; Medical News Today
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  • You can add a little gravy, or add mashed potatoes or even a soup potato casserole.

Chopped Food for Thanksgiving After Weight Loss Surgery

Chop, Chop, Chop

  • Remember to chop things especially the meat into bite-size pieces, dime size or half teaspoon size as your bariatric surgery guideline.
  • You could also add some cream berry sauce to this. But be careful because some people find this difficult to tolerate.
  • Mashed potatoes, traditional green bean casserole are good alternatives.
  • If you are six months or more off from surgery, a lot of salads are nice to have, even some Brussels sprouts can be good for people.

Remind yourself again of why you had the surgery when you’re tempted. Be grateful for the things you do have and keep yourself distracted from all the food.

The key is to stay calm and make correct eating choices for a healthier you.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

This post addresses

  • Thanksgiving diet
  • thanksgiving diet after weight loss surgery
  • overcoming challenges of food temptation
  • sticking to diet even during holiday
  1.  February 22, 2018; Megan Ware RDN LD, Natalie Olsen, RD, LD, ACSM EP-C; Medical News Today  Is Turkey Good for You?

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